Dodgers Off-Season: LA Times Columnist Bill Plaschke Talks Seager, Kershaw, Rendon, and More

“They need a stud starting pitcher. Kershaw is no longer a stud.”

Undeniably, one thing is true about Los Angeles journalist Bill Plaschke. The man is not big on shying away from a hot take.

Moreover, you can respect that in a person who covers the Los Angeles Dodgers. Recently, Plaschke wrote a hard-hitting column about the Dodgers accepting hard truths this off-season. Then, he joined Roggin and Rodney on AM570 Sports Los Angeles to talk about the free agent targets the Dodgers should be looking at signing currently. You can hear the entire segment right here.

First, Bill has a plan for the Los Angeles Dodgers in which he outlines. Notably, he allows his feelings on Clayton Kershaw’s current status to be outspoken. His feelings are similar to that of Jerry Hairston Jr. currently.

“The parameters are, they need a starting pitcher. And they need it to be a stud. They can’t count on Clayton Kershaw being a stud anymore. Also they need bullpen help. Number two they need some bullpen help. I don’t think they need to go get a high-priced reliever, but they need to go get some pieces so they can figure out who is going to close games next year.”

Next, Plaschke talks about how the Dodgers could go about orchestrating a trade for a big-name player. That being said, the avenue to acquiring one of these guys means you have to give up some currency; he says.

“They can start trading the young guys, it’s really the only currency they have. While you talk about trading for a Francisco Lindor or Corey Kluber or someone like that, the currency you have is the Corey Seager’s and Joc Pederson’s of the world. Those are the guys they have protected but I think the shine is off those guys and they have to be willing to move them. I would never trade a Lux, May, or Gonsolin. But I would trade a Seager, he has real value.”

Remember, we have already reviewed the reasons why the Dodgers may look at trading Seager this off-season. Indeed, Plaschke is on the same page with that line of thinking.

Finally, Bill closes with the guys he wants to see the Dodgers go after.

“I’m not sure about Rendon, because he’s 29. Justin Turner is still a stud. They need a starting pitcher, they need a stud arm. I don’t know why they don’t go after Gerrit Cole. They have the money, the space under the competitive balance tax. I don’t think they should think they’re out of things with Cole. Maybe a Zach Wheeler? Or trade for Corey Kluber. You need a stud starting pitcher to pair with Walker Buehler.”

Honestly, he has a point. When you look at how the Washington Nationals not only got by the Dodgers; but won the World Series. It was with timely hitting, but they had the bulls in the rotation to defeat the Astros. In the end, Plaschke may be onto something here.

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  1. What Bill Plaschke said here on his page is what I have been implying for quite a while now:
    “The left-handed-hitting Pederson has hit 114 of his 123 home runs against right-handed pitchers, including all 36 last season. Like Seager, who had 19 home runs and 87 runs batted in, he’s a great guy to have around, but if the Dodgers can get a powerful right-handed hitter in a trade for either or both of them, that would be a deal worth considering.”

    • Lots of teams have trouble facing guys like Strasburg and Scherzer. Just need to be able to match that.

      My priorities this offseason in this order, 1: stud starter like Cole. 2: A solid contact bat like Lindor. 3: Bullpen.

      BTW: Lux should be untouchable. Kid looks like he has the make-up of a star.

  2. I also can go along with what else Plaschke said in his LA Times page:
    “No matter who is shipped out, expect the Dodgers to bring in a right-handed bat this offseason because Friedman wasn’t thrilled with another postseason bust by the left-handed-heavy lineup. The Dodgers had a .220 average and .303 on-base percentage against the Nationals.”

  3. Why is everyone looking at Offense.

    We had more than ever, and while we “only” won 106 games…Starting Pitching and closing was out over all weakness at the end.

    (combined with a MGR decision that everyone that Night at Dodger Stadium knew was a mistake, especially after the First HR!) -But That’s in the past

    Both KJ and CK , while having “ok” seasons, had nothing at the end.
    My Son in High-school could hit those fastballs!

    I love them both, and praise for what they have done, but do we expect them to improve?
    I know as professionals they will both work hard to be prepared, but we need Plan B . especially if they do not sign Ryu.

    Joe was a bust, except for a few weeks where he was better Mid season and at the end, but we are stuck with him through 2021 I believe. We have some great young talent, Hopefully Tony and Dustin continue to shine. Maybe one could be groomed for the next closer if KJ falters.

    Rendon at Third and JT at First. A healthy Seager a Star with Gavin atSS and 2nd and a Potential Great Cather in B-Smith, and a returning almost Rookie of the year in Verdugo. Not sure where that places Max and Enrique, but they are both so clutch, we’ll find a place to make sure they get the AB to stay fresh.

    So with all that Talent, what change would make the biggest Impact to the Dodgers, especially in the Post season, and in situations where a Top person has to make a decision!

    As long as the Manager remains the same, new hitters, new pitching won’t make a difference.We have had 3 great years, 2 trips to the Finals, and descions that have prevented us from the finish line. Dowe feel those decisions will chnage. Go With your Gut wg=hen everyhting pints to other choices. Go with what is best on papaer, when anyone who “knows” that game would have made alternative decisions.

    Seriously with the talent we have now, and a different mindset (aka manager) we could actually improve. Adding 30 more HR,(and stellar D, and a great starting P will be nice…but in the end, its the few close games, where a decision is what matters most!
    (and a group of closers that rocks!)

    • LA GAMM, i concur as far as the manager goes, because you and myself as well as everyone who has watched these October games know 1 main thing…Roberts lacks big time in an ability to manage in the big October games. And the daily lineup and position shuffling has resulted in a failed October as well during the last several years too.

  4. Plaschke is spot on! Unfortunately what you’re going to get is the same routine as always.
    With his typical smirk Friedman will announce that he’s signed more mid-level players and what a fabulous job Roberts is doing staying on course with the PLAN!
    Meanwhile we can all speculate how many Championships Bochy would have gathered with these same players..

  5. When big decisions are made on the field, I often wonder if it’s Roberts’ choice or Friedman’s. What if Roberts was left to make the decisions on his own, and not worried over the “calculators” in the FO?
    We have a President who insists on rehabilitated players who think they are diamonds in the rough. Like a person who makes a living on Ebay looking for deals that’ll make them a fortune, but just ends up with a garage full of items listed on Craigslist.

  6. Get Strausburg & cole trade Clayton Kershaw even as a reliever he has shown
    it’s time to move him elsewhere same as Ryu and closer Jansen is not the same closer don’t waist another delusional year
    to our great offensive line up and fans we won our division and to many games to these pitcher’s who lack the wisdom toughness to help our star power player’s
    hitters let’s get this done and have these
    pitchers go go go go or it will be another
    year of delusion for our hitters and fans
    to the point amigos!

  7. Everyone wants the best free agent out there…Grow our own…we have the tools already on the team…add a Matt Kemp for a 2-4 Mil..for the bench…Turner slow at third move him
    to first, and move Mr.Get It Out of The Water to third…have AJ rotate with Joc in left…Add a stud pitcher…and stamped WASTED on his stat sheet…only high priced pitcher who has worked has been Grind-a-kee….

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