Dodgers’ Offense Putting Up Numbers Like Never Before

The Dodgers became one of three teams in history to reach this mark.

The 2020 Dodgers are a completely different breed. Aside from winning ballgames, they also happen to be putting up one of the best run differentials in history. Hitting 57 homeruns in one calendar month will often do that. 

Through 40 games this year, the Dodgers are putting up a +102 run differential. That mark is the third-best through MLB history. Only the 1984 Tigers(+116) and the 2016 Cubs(+102) have put up better marks in any 40-game stretch. By the way, both of those teams went on to win the World Series. 

Their 30-10 record also sets another franchise mark for them. It is the single best 40-game stretch throughout the Dodgers franchise history. Los Angeles is the 10th team in MLB history since 1903 with a run differential of +100 or more through 40 games. Every one of the 9 game 

They are the 10th team in the World Series era (since 1903) with a +100 run diff through 40 games. Each of the previous 9 made the World Series & 7 of them went on to win it. Of course, this doesn’t realy mean anything, since this year is unlike any other in baseball history. But still, knowing that the Dodgers are setting records left and right is pretty encouraging. 

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  1. This is all great, but at some point we Dodgers fans would do well to temper our expectations for the post season by recognizing the undeniable fact that the Dodgers’ regular season schedule is packed with creampuffs.

  2. Big numbers in spite of the Kiki and Joc fiasco. To think where they would be by replacing those Roberts pets. It was like pulling teeth to finally get rid of Strip. Not to say they haven’t done a great job with some of the obvious All Stars like Betts and Cody, as good as the Dodgers are they don’t know their youth. Verdugo has finally been given the confidence that he is going to be in the starting lineup instead of looking over his shoulder all the time and doesn’t have the pet vets sniping at him due to possible losing their job. Same thing is happening to Lux and Tony G. The Dodgers know how to kill the youth at the Major League level. I’ll take the best record right now with the fear Roberts will blow it with his pathetic handling of the pitchers which has been evident time and time again. If he doesn’t do it this time he needs to go.

  3. It’s all about winning a world series. Nothing less will do. Other teams can have good seasons just by playing over 500 ball, or just getting into the postseason (which is about half the tams in baseball this year). But the Dodgers need to win it all. Those are hard expectations to meet. But anything less than everything this year will be a failure. This team is loaded. They have everything they need to seal the deal. It’s time.

  4. Highly over-reliant on the long ball. When we dont hit it over the fence, we struggle against very mediocre pitching. Too often this team waits until the seventh, eighth or ninth to start hitting. Against bad clubs, we can get away with that, but against good clubs that we will face in the playoffs, the strategy is a death sentence.