Dodgers Offering Clippers, Kings And Lakers Ticket Packages

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago the Los Angeles Dodgers announced several of their “theme nights” that fill the promotional schedule for the remainder of the 2015 season. Included were nights dedicated to Star Wars, Girl Scouts, Firefighters, and local universities UCLA and USC.

The team recently added to that list with the announcement of the ticket packages in partnership with other Los Angeles professional sports teams. First among the new nights added is for the Clippers on Tuesday, July 28 when the Dodgers host the Oakland Athletics.

The Clipper night ticket packages start at $26 and the festivities include Clippers players scheduled to be in attendance for pregame ceremonies. The package includes a Dodgers’ blue t-shirt with the new Clippers logo:

Clippers-Dodgers T-Shirt

Next up is Lakers night, scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 11 when the Washington Nationals are in town. Prices for ticket packages on this night start at $20 and include the co-branded t-shirt below:

Lakers-Dodgers T-Shirt

The Lakers’ 1988 NBA Larry O’Brien championship trophy will be on site in commemoration of the only year to date in which both the Lakers and Dodgers brought championships to Los Angeles. Laker players and the Laker girls will also partake in pregame ceremonies.

Lastly, Kings night is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 12 when the Dodgers again face the Nationals. Kings night ticket packages also start at $26, and Kings players will be in attendance for pregame ceremonies. The following shirt is included with purchase of a package:

Kings-Dodgers T-Shirt

Given the crowd reaction to previous mentions of the Clippers, Kings and Lakers, the two latter teams figure to receive a much warmer welcoming. Ticket packages can be purchased at, and


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