Dodgers: Pair of LA Relievers Visit Iconic Chicago Deep Dish Spot

The Dodgers had some extra time on their hands on Friday due to their game at Wrigley Field getting postponed due to weather. Tony Gonsolin and Alex Vesia took the opportunity to learn and enjoy one of the finer things in Chicago – deep dish pizza.

Gonsolin and Vesia made a trip to Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria to try their hand at pitching pepperoni and constructing Malnati’s signature Chicago-style deep dish pizza. In an interview on AM570’s Dodger Talk with David Vassegh, Vesia revealed that he’s going to keep his day job.

“I thought I did a good job, but the owner, he says I was a little too slow to be a cook in the back there. I took my time, it ended up being a really good pizza.”

Vesia admitted that it was his first time trying deep dish, but he’ll be back for more.

“The way they make it, you go cheese first, then sausage, pepperoni on top of that, and then the sauce. I was blown away on how good it was. I’m a very basic pizza guy, I don’t need too many toppings to be pleased, but that pizza was pretty darn good.”

The left-reliever also half-heartedly tried to settle the debate about whether Chicago deep dish or New York-style is better

“I like this deep dish. It was a good. It was definitely something that was new to me and I will definitely be coming back here for more…it was a fun experience.”

Vesia wasn’t the only one to get his first bite of deep dish over the weekend. SportsNet LA’s Dontrelle Willis tried the Chicago staple live in the booth with Joe Davis. Willis also gave it rave reviews. Hopefully it wasn’t the pie that Vesia made on Friday.

Fans will get a look at Vesia’s pizza engineering skills next Friday on Backstage: Dodgers. 

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