Dodgers Pitcher Clayton Kershaw Takes Blame for Loss to Diamondbacks

In a duel against his former teammate, Kershaw is not happy with the L.

Going into last night’s game vs. the Diamondbacks, the Dodgers were riding on a wave of emotion from the Weekend of Walkoffs from Verdugo, Beaty and Will Smith.

On top of that, the Dodgers have just won 6 out of 7 vs. the Giants and Rockies and were looking to extend their streak vs. the Diamondbacks in Arizona. With an extra day of rest, Clayton Kershaw was expected to be ready for his matchup with former teammate in Zack Greinke.

As we know, Kershaw gave up a 3 run jack to Christian Walker (3 career HRs off Kershaw, 2nd only to Adam Dunn with 4) and then a home run to that former teammate of his. After the game, Kershaw had this to say:

“They [Dodgers] scored three runs early for me, and I gave it right back. It’s a tough one, for sure. It lands on my shoulders to do better, and I’ll do better next time. … Yeah, there’s a lot of things (I struggled with). I threw two bad sliders in the first inning and never really found it throughout the game. It’s just tough. That’s an important pitch for me.”

Overall, Kershaw has been turning in quality starts for most of the season and has been the rock in a pitching staff that has seen Hyun-Jin Ryu take off, Walker Buehler starting to take off and an unfortunate injury to Rich Hill.

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  1. The proverbial question. Who do the Dodgers want to start a game if you needed a win i.e. Game 7? IMO, I Don’t think that pitcher is kershaw. Not even sure that pitcher is Ryu.

    • I’ll take Kershaw……….I’ll take Ryu………. I”ll take Buehler, heck I’ll even take Hill…… wears me out how many of our fans do not seem to realize how great our starters are……….watch the other teams around the major league scene (all of them)……..most of them would love to have the starters we have. Too many people spoiled with this teams success and want to whine despite it…… team has five Max Scherzer’s, it would be nice but it just does not happen…..some teams do not have a single starter as good as one of our top four. JMO………….

  2. Robin, hello there. But maybe CK is willing to take the blame for last night’s loss but I blame first of all CT 3, who struck out looking with the bases full.. Can you or anyone just imagine how dangerous Taylor could be if he only made more consistent contact? IMO, Taylor is still striking out a bit too much for my liking but he did get a double yesterday. Now for the BP… If Roberts says Dodgers will continue to ‘run with it’, meaning who is in the current BP, forget about going deep into October.

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