Dodgers Players Are Prepared For Upcoming Trade Deadline

“If nothing happens, it shows the confidence the organization has.”

With the hours ticking away before the MLB trade deadline passes, the Los Angeles Dodgers have their collective heads on a swivel. Which move will be made – or will a move be made at all – is the question right now.

In the past, the Dodgers’ have been able to add big names such as Alex Wood, Rich Hill, Josh Reddick, Yu Darvish and Manny Machado. While no such big name is on the radar, the Dodgers have been active in discussions.

Now, Bill Plunkett of the OC Register writes that everyone in the Dodgers’ clubhouse is awaiting ‘the move’.

However – manager Dave Roberts says if the right move isn’t there – it’s a vote of confidence for his team.

“No. I don’t,” he said. “I think if nothing happens, that right there should be something that shows the confidence the organization has in this group that’s in that clubhouse. And there should be trust and belief that this organization has done whatever it can to put us in the best position to win a championship. Then it’s up to us to perform. For me, I feel really a lot of peace and solace knowing that whatever we do or don’t do will be the best for our ballclub in 2019.”

To check the pulse of the Dodgers’ players in regards to the deadline, Roberts says his bunch has been through the drill.

“This is a group of guys that has been through it for many years, in this same position. So we’re used to going forward and focusing on the day at hand. But there’s a lot of talk about it, obviously,”

Without question, this is a very good-to-great team. Still, even great teams can use a shot in the arm this time of year to build momentum and strengthen the sum of the parts.

While it remains to be seen exactly what Andrew Friedman and company will do, the Dodgers are taking careful measures to protect the assets they have for the future; and weigh it against how it impacts things in the right now.

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  1. Still like to see us get a Vasquez or Diaz. But not at the cost of May or Lux. Ruiz and Gonsolin is as high as we go. If not we walk, We are 30 games above .500. Roberts is right.

  2. Let me remind the ‘stand pat’ crowd that a few years ago, the Astros knew they had a WS calibre team. Their suits took a look at the probable NL opponent and guessed that Dodgers would be the ones standing in their way to a championship, so they grabbed Verlander and we grabbed Darvish. How did that turn out people? If they sneak Thor away from the Mitts, and we stand pat on our holier than thou laurel’s, they’re going to do it again. That said, any deal that includes Lux or May is a bad one and we as fans will have to wait again until next year.

    • Ralph, if ya are here let me ask this: how about including Joc in some proposed deal? He’s not hitting at all to warrant him playing 1st base, hurting the team on defense. I concur that prospects NOT NAMED Lux or May should be available in the right deal.. And since Will; Smith appears to be here to stay, Ruiz can be dealt for the right return, just an idea.

      • Hey Paul, Joc and Ruiz can headline a package with other parts NOT named Lux, May or Smith for a pen arm and maybe a starter. Since Pitt seems intent to rob us blind, maybe the focus should be turned to Detroit?

        On another note, how about them lethal bats? Whopping 4 x hits in Colorado yesterday. Impressive. If we make it to the next WS, I hope we dont get murdered again.

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