Dodgers: Player’s Weekend Nicknames Announced

Were you a fan of Major League Baseball’s Player’s Weekend in 2017? If so, you’re in for a second round of joy when the Dodgers roll out their 2018 version of the ‘celebration’. On Thursday, the Dodgers announced their player nicknames for August 24th through 26th when the team welcomes the San Diego Padres to Dodger Stadium.

Player Nicknames

Led by a possible Dodgers Nation-inspired nickname for Rich Hill, here are the Dodgers 2018 Player’s Weekend nicknames.

You’re seeing it correctly: Hill will wear “D. Mountain” on his back. Here’s to hoping that he gets the ball for a start on that weekend so that Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser spend an entire game calling Rich by his formal birth name of Dick.

Still, you have some guys who decided to be less than creative; bringing back memories of Corey Seager last season (‘Seager’). Caleb Ferguson and Matt Kemp clearly weren’t in the mood for fun when asked what they would use as their nameplate. While Hill takes home first place – I can get behind Walker Buehler or Brian Dozier for playing along ever so slightly.

The Player’s Weekend Cap

From the best that I can tell, the uniforms and hats are going to be very similar to what the Dodgers wore last year. The weekend is designed to be three days of baseball breaking it’s seriousness to promote (get this); fun, and relaxed uniform rules.

That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Dodgers keep their traditional caps while turning them while with a blue bill or something to that effect. Then again, being a guy in his mid-30’s; I’m probably not the market baseball is going for with these uniform choices.

Your Thoughts

What do you think of the idea of Player’s Weekend in baseball? Which Dodger player did the best job of choosing a nickname – and who could have done better? Will you buy any officially licensed Player’s Weekend gear from the MLB shop, or settle for some more classics from the Dodgers Nation store? Any and all comments, leave them below the post!

And if I could ask one question – I have a burning desire to find out why Joc Pederson is calling himself ‘King’. Anyone?

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