Dodgers Playoffs: Some Good, Bad And Ugly From NLCS Game Two

I did a similar good, bad, ugly article yesterday and I decided to do another one. This time we get to celebrate a victory as the Dodgers win 4-3 to tie the series and take away the home field advantage from the Brewers.


Ryan Madson

Madson coming in with bases loaded and only allowing one run to come in on a dribbler.

The Home Plate Umpire!

Alan Porter, the home plate umpire, was pretty darn good. There were a couple in the 9th against Kenley that were close but he was consistent.

The Broadcast

Bob Uecker joining the broadcast for a few minutes.

Some Nice Defense

Some nice defensive plays by Kiké Hernandez and Manny Machado.

Cody Starting to Wake Up at the Plate

Cody Bellinger continuing to show signs of coming alive, including a run scoring single. I’d like to see him start every game.

Pedro Baez

In the post-season so far he’s thrown 3.1 innings, with 6 strikeouts and no runs. Baez, is easily the most criticized Dodger (Grandal might be close though) and has shown some fulfillment of his potential. He’s getting command of both a slider and a change-up. For a reliever, having three solid pitches is a great goal and Baez is getting to that point.

Playoff Joc

Joc comes off the bench and gets the bat on the ball in both at bats. One was even off a lefty and they both found holes. Pederson seems to find a way to get things done in the playoffs in many situations.

JT Redemption

Justin Turner had a nightmare game 1 as he went 0-5, with 4 strikeouts and an error. Today, he had two hits including the clutch 2 run home run to give the Dodgers the lead.

Kenley Jansen

Kenley is looking as good as he has all year. We are seeing 93-95 MPH velocity and that makes a huge difference. When he’s throwing 90 MPH it doesn’t work as well.

The Comeback

Even when they’ve lost games in the playoffs they battle until the very end. This time, they were down 3-0 and scored 2 runs in both the 7th and 8th innings. They don’t quit!


Lower Parts of the Order

Both Yasiel Puig and Austin Barnes had terrible at bats and produced very little. At the same time the lower part of the Brewers order has been hitting well in the first two games. Puig had a mostly decent at bat in the 7th but the picture to the right shows the last breaking ball he swung at. Of course, there were no outs and the bases were loaded. After that strike out Barnes came up and worked a bases loaded walk.

Yasmani Grandal then came up in the 9th spot, with 1 out and a 2-1 count and swung at a ball that was too low, and grounded into a double play. In his post-season career Grandal is slashing .095/.260/.190/.450. His impending free agency will be very interesting.

In the 9th Puig, on a 2-0 pitch, grounded into a double play. Barnes then came up and struck out looking. Puig looks like he’s just not into this series.

Matt Kemp

Kemp was 0 for 2 and played a single into a double. I’d like to see him used as more of a pinch hitter going forward.

The Broadcast

The national broadcasters act like it’s a radio broadcast. They talk way too much. I don’t think they are biased and they have plenty of knowledge. I’d just like to hear less of them, especially when the pitch is being thrown.

Alex Wood Giving Up Dingers

Freddie Freeman took him out of the park on a first pitch in the NLDS. Now, Travis Shaw gets a dinger off of Wood in the NLCS game 2. They are both lefties. If they advance Scott Alexander needs to be back on the roster.

Emptying the Bench

Hey, use all your bullets but if the bench is empty by the 7th inning you are doing it wrong. It starts with the starting lineup. Chris Taylor, Max Muncy and Cody Bellinger need to be in the starting lineup. Save the bench pieces for the right time; when there are scoring opportunities. Fortunately, it didn’t matter.


Shame on Manny Machado

With a count of 3-0, Manny Machado hit ball 4 to the right of the shortstop. Orlando Arcia made a nice play to get to the ball but had to double clutch. Instead of being on first, Machado was jogging to first base. It was shown for all to see on national television. It was an insult to his team and an embarrassment to the Dodger organization. Hoping that someone got in his face and that he apologizes. Dave Roberts owes Cody Bellinger an apology.

Machado is an amazing player and he’s been a key part to the Dodgers success. There are times when to pull up and times not to. On the play in question, Machado jogged right out of the box. He could have started fast then pull up when it is obvious what was going to happen. Personally, I don’t like any of the non-hustle but I understand the realities.

Brewers Pitchers Continued Raking

Wade Miley going 2 for 2 is not acceptable, especially after a home run by a Brewers reliever in game 1.

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  1. Tim, agreeing wholeheartedly with most of what you had to say. But but concerning Matt Kemp, considering that at least three of the players you said should be playing every day also played a single into a double in the playoffs.

    Matt too deserves redemption considering in game 1 of the NLCS went 2 for 4 500 do his 0 for 2 last game still is over 300! So much for redemption!

    When the analytical forecast says he should be playing Matt should be in the outfield and batting with his dangerous bat and beautiful swing.