Dodgers Poll: Fans Appreciate Kenta Maeda’s Value

There’s an interesting subplot at work when fans are looking at the Dodgers’ offseason. On one hand, the Dodgers seem to have rebounded as best they can from losing Zack Greinke with a couple low-risk, high-reward deals and on the other, the last thing people want to do is give Andrew Friedman and his front office credit.

Granted, the more vitriolic responses have subsided considerably, but the anti-sabermetric sentiment is still there, waiting below the surface in case any of these moves don’t pan out.

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It is impossible to ignore the value they’ve found in Kenta Maeda as he’ll have to prove himself in order to get paid. So, we asked which contract fans would prefer when compared to Johnny Cueto (who was certainly brought up quite a big as the free agent market diminished).

The results sent a pretty resounding message: Maeda’s deal is pretty impressive. Are post reached more than 47,000 people and 10 times more people preferred the Maeda’s contract to Cueto’s. An obviously disclaimer worth noting is that this poll was run on a Dodgers fan site, but nonetheless, the results are certainly noteworthy among a fan base who largely distrusted the front office only a couple weeks ago.

Let’s take a look at some of the responses on each side.

Dan Silva: Maeda is pay for play. If he flops we are not out a ton of money and we have kids in the system waiting to fill the void. Honestly our front office is making brilliant moves. Other teams are making headlines but we are making a dynasty.
Mario Rios Palacios: I like the Dodger pitching depth…Kershaw is the best Pitcher in the game, Kazmir is a proven Starter w top 10 ERA, Ryu w bounce back well, Anderson will pitch good for being the 4th starter, if Wood can repeat his 2014 campaign w the Braves that’s ahuge plus, Maeda will be solid and Mcarthy will come back after the all star break so he should step in of any of those pitchers starts to struggle or needs rest I think Mcarthy will take some of Ryu starts as they both ease back into the rotation and if 2nor more pitchers struggle We got 3 studs in the minors Starting w De Leon Urias and Cotton 

The two cases made by Mario and Dan paint a picture that is at least workable with moves still to be made. Now, let’s here from those who prefer Cueto.

Mario Serrano: Maeda is a unknown commodity in MLB. So right now I’d have to go Cueto.

This is really the only knock as of right now. We honestly have no idea what Maeda might be, and, if he starts slowly, the rotation once again lacks in the balance he brings from the right side of the rubber.

For now, the deal looks pretty solid, especially in comparison to what it might have taken to acquire a similarly-talented pitcher.

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