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Dodgers Pool Celebration T-Shirt Causes Stir At Chase Field

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Though Mendoza turned his shirt inside out prior to entering the stadium, the diehard Dodgers fan took a trip to the restroom before taking his seat in the second row of section 102, which is in right field and one section over from the now infamous pool. Mendoza returned his shirt to it’s proper placement, displaying his Dodger pride, with his 2013 NL West champs tee. Then, more trouble arose.

Between the top and bottom of the first inning, Mendoza said ushers asked to speak with him, at which point he was escorted to the plaza level behind the right field stands. The original security guard who instructed that he turn his shirt inside out before entering the stadium was waiting.

“Remember me?,” Mendoza recalled being asked by the security guard.

Mendoza says he was told by the security guard that if his shirt was not inside out, he would be kicked out of the game. Despite the Diamondbacks’ history of requesting fans of opposing teams to comply with certain conditions, including asking a group of Dodgers fans who sat behind home plate during a game last season to change their attire, Mendoza did not understand how his shirt was cause for such actions.

Plus, he hadn’t run into any problems when both himself and his wife had worn the shirts at previous games at Chase Field this season. “I was in right field and it was nothing but blue,” Mendoza said. “Honestly, no one was looking at my shirt.”

Nonetheless, Mendoza once again complied, but this time he didn’t get out of his seat, embarrassed by “the tag sticking out of [his] shirt.” By this time, Mendoza had already taken to social media, explaining the predicament he encountered at Chase Field, and getting quite the response. His story quickly spread across the Internet, leading to the involvement of the Diamondbacks PR.

Senior Vice President of Communications Josh Rawitch, who once held a similar position with the Dodgers, exchanged tweets with Mendoza before sending personnel to his seat to further discuss the matter in the bottom of the sixth inning.

According to Mendoza, the Senior Manager of Security, Greg Green, apologized for the incident, and he was allowed to turn his shirt back to it’s proper placement. In addition, for his troubles, Mendoza was told to email Green for complimentary tickets, when he wished to attend another game.

While Mendoza hasn’t missed a game yet this season, he won’t be making it to tonight’s matchup.

“Today is going to be the first time I’ve missed a game because it’s my dad’s birthday.”

Needless to say, with all the bad PR, we doubt Mendoza will be given too much hassle the next time he wears one of his favorite Dodger shirts to Chase Field. When asked if he would wear the controversial shirt to Chase Field in the future, Mendoza said yes, “because it’s one of my favorite shirts to wear around Arizona.”
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