Dodgers Prospects: Comparing Top 30 Lists

We now have all the major top prospect lists as I finally saw the Baseball America top 30 list.

I missed when the list came out as I was busy getting ready and going to Spring Training.  As it is a top 30 list I decided to compare the Baseball America list with the top 30 from MLB Pipeline. It is fun to look at the lists and talk about some of the differences.

Why Ferguson?

Caleb Ferguson no longer is considered a rookie so why is he on the Baseball America list? It’s a great question and they do not provide an answer. He’s still only 22 and he didn’t exceed the rookie limits for innings pitched of 50 (he had 49) but was on the roster for more than the 45 days required when the roster limits are 25 players. He’s an exciting pitcher in the future (and a bit now) but I wish BA didn’t include him as MLB Pipeline followed the rookie rules in their list.

Places of Agreement

Both lists have the same players in the top 4; Keibert Ruiz, Alex Verdugo, Dustin May and Gavin Lux. The order is different but these seem to be the consensus top 4 in the organization. However, with the noise Tony Gonsolin has been making in Spring Training I’m guessing that will change soon and that is not a reflection on the current top 4. BA had Gonsolin at 8 and MLB had him at 5 so that is not too big of a difference.

Dennis Santana (7) and Mitchell White (9) were the only ones in the same place on both lists. Diego Cartaya and D.J. Peters were close to the same but were flip-flopped. Peters is another who has been someone who has made a nice impression at Spring Training. Cartaya is a catcher who was the Dodgers’ top international signing in 2018 and will have his first taste of professional baseball this season.

Cristian Santana the 2018 California League championship series MVP. Photo Credit: Tim Rogers

Big Places of Disagreement

The biggest surprise was that BA had Cristian Santana all the way at number 14 while he barely made the MLB list at number 27. Heck, even the Dodgers exposed him to the rule 5 draft and no other team took him. If someone had taken him he’d have to be kept on their roster all season or lose him back to the Dodgers. Although Santana wouldn’t complain if he was drafted, it could have hurt his development a lot. He should start the season in Tulsa at AA after an excellent season with the Quakes in single A.

The other standout difference was Jacob Amaya, from Glendora, who was listed #12 on MLB and only #30 on BA. He seems to be a divisive prospect as John Sickels had him at #16 while Prospects 1500 had him at #35. I’m pretty high on him as I ranked him at #14. We should get to see him at Rancho Cucamonga at some point in 2019.

Missing From One Of The Lists

As stated above Caleb Ferguson was only on the BA list. Josh Sborz, a recent addition to the 40 man roster is just on the BA list along with Carlos Rincon. Rincon was added to the Quakes later in the season and smashed 15 homeruns in only 110 at bats. He ended up slashing .327 AVG/.427 OBP/.818 SLG after being kind of bad at Great Lakes. Rincon just turned 21 so maybe he has turned a corner. 19 year-old Leonel Valera was only on the MLB list along with 18 year old Braydon Fisher and 2017 draftee Marshall Kasowski.

Final Thoughts

There is a definite consensus about the top Dodgers prospects with more breaking into top consideration soon. I am constantly impressed with the Dodgers prospects and Spring Training has done nothing to temper my thoughts. In general, it looks like the Dodgers have been very good at developing their talent and maintaining the flow of talent despite graduations and many prospect trades. Also, given that all the major prospect lists have been published I probably won’t have another list to look at until mid-season.  It’s been great reviewing these lists and I’ll be back at it when the new ones come out in mid-season.

Who are your top prospects to watch in the next few years? Please feel free to comment below.

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  1. I am sure we all appreciate you publishing all the information you give us on prospects. I have watched several games and I am impressed with Gonsolin. May, Peters, Rios and Orlando who I had not seen before.

    The last few games I have had a good look at Downs and he looks to be a great prospect in an area the club was not as strong.

    The future may hold Seager at 3rd with Lux, Downs and Estevez, Wong or others fighting for SS and 2nd. I am curious also how they see Rios as he has good offensive numbers and hits for power.

  2. Prospects1500 comes from a more fantasy baseball side of prospect rankings. If this were a straight up prospect ranking, he would have been in the top 20 as we would have been able to consider his defense and intangibles.