Dodgers: Rangers Discuss Signing Corey Seager, Per Report

Since the moment the Dodgers’ season ended, Corey Seager signing with another team has seemed like a foregone conclusion. Seager is an unrestricted free agent and is sure to command some major money. Various evaluators have the shortstop seeking anywhere from $210 million to $300 million-plus in free agency this winter.

On Wednesday, it was reported that Seager’s ‘shopping’ appears to have commenced.

Seager Texas Ranger?

Seager has a career 131 OPS+, a .870 traditional OPS, and averages about 26 dingers per 162 games. His defensive prowess has been called into question at times, however. Many have postulated a move to second base or third base for Seager, as a 6’4 shortstop is fairly uncommon. With the Texas Rangers, any option is really on the table for Seager. They are in the midst of another (or just a long) rebuild, having not made the playoffs in over five seasons, or since 2016.

Seager History

Seager and Woodward do have a good relationship, as Woodward was once a Dodger base coach and mentor. This alone would not make the choice for Seager. Seager being from North Carolina originally, this doesn’t bring him super close to home, but perhaps this lifestyle is something he would enjoy.

The price would have to be good for Seager, as the experts expect Seager to get big money. In reality, it’s unlikely a Seager contract announcement will be coming soon. Scott Boras will play the market until his client gets the best offer out there, so this is likely to be preliminary talks.

It’s still early in the offseason, but this is sure to be a sign of how things will go with 12 free agent Dodgers on the open market. Everyone will be in on them. Everyone will be talking to them. And the Dodger front office will remain quiet in the background as they usually operate.

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  1. No Texas income tax will give the Rangers a negotiating advantage for games played in Dallas AND Houston. In the 2020 NLCS and World Series, played in Globe Life Park, Seager earned both MVP awards. (During the six games, Seager produced a .400/.556/.700 slash with two home runs and five RBI on his way to winning the World Series MVP award. Infielders love the Globe Life artificial turf which reduces bad hops. If the Rangers build a strong team, don’t be surprised to see Corey sign with Dallas.

  2. Corey Seager, a past Rookie of the Year, MVP of the Playoffs, MVP of the WS, marked by a broken hand, hip surgery, elbow surgery, slumped during the 2021 playoffs…..decides that it’s time to get a 10-12 year contract and $300 million+, would love to play for the NY Yankees…..we wish you luck. Bye Bye……..Better to save the money to bring back a much more versatile player named Chris Taylor, a better fielder, outstanding hitter in all situations, doesn’t consistently swing at the 1st pitch, plays just about anywhere well above average….a real ‘team player’….
    Good Bye Corey…oh, I already said that

  3. Understand you maybe upset if Seager were to leave…I love Taylor…but to justify he is better than Coreyy is nonsense…Corey injuries have been fixed…getting a fast ball to the hand is not a players fault…note Lindor Tatis Trout Justin Turner…Bellinger…Acuna…and many more have missed time…Seagers injuries are in the past…repaired…it’s not going to scare teams

    • If you are talking to me, you must be mistaken about me being upset. Yes…Seager has had injuries, each of his past 3 seasons….and so they were repaired. But you fail to recognize that he is ‘accident prone’. Whoever does get skunked by overpaying him will find this out. Also….he is by far not the best ss in the league. And he ONLY plays 1 position. Mmmmm CT3 plays 2nd, he plays ss, he plays 3rd, he plays Lft., he plays CF and he plays Rt. All of these positions he plays well above average. Do I need to justify any more?

    • Texas has a 6-7 million fanbase just around DFW. Can’t figure why they haven’t been able to build a competitive team. A player like Corey could help them in the right direction. However, playing before 20,000 every night is a LOT different than playing before 45-50000. Plus probably not making the playoffs for a couple years? I would be surprised if Corey signs there. Unless they make a strong signing before him. They lost 90!! last season.

  4. No way Corey’s going to Texas. No way – why? Even if Kersh went there (which he won’t either) Corey wants to join a playoff contender and won’t play for those perennial losers. Yankees will pay him, and make the playoffs. Check that box