Dodgers: Recapping a Wild Series with Houston, Max Shoves, Kershaw Has us Worried | Blue Heaven Podcast

Episode 218: “Recapping a Wild Series with Houston, Max Shoves, Kershaw Has us Worried”

The cheating Astros came and went in Los Angeles, giving Dodgers fans their first opportunity to really show some love since the sign stealing scandal broke early in 2020. We look back at the series and discuss whether it’s now finally time to start moving on or very much not.


In more important Dodgers news, Max Scherzer absolutely shoved for 7 innings in his debut at Dodger Stadium. As much fun as that was, it also provided a reminder that the LA roster is very much hurting. With Clayton Kershaw and Tony Gonsolin sidelined with injury, Scherzer became a need more than a want.

Plus what does former Philly Cole Hamels bring to the table for the Dodgers?

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One Comment

  1. The Dodgers need to move and get it going NOW ! LOVE THE DODGER FANS ! I have been following and being a fan since the Brooklyn Days as a young kid , I love the enthusiasm of the fans today ,much bolder ….,YELL …. it like it is , really letting they’re feelings known. As long as no one gets hurt ! Continue expressing yourselves, ……GO BLUE !