Dodgers Remain Atop MLB Power Rankings Following Trade Deadline

Things have changed dramatically, but the Dodgers still sit on top.

The Dodgers weren’t very active during MLB’s trade deadline, but that hasn’t changed how experts view Los Angeles. ESPN released new power rankings following the movement of players on Monday, and they still sit at number one overall.

Sure, they didn’t go after any of the big names that were available on the market. And all they really did was trade away a longtime starter/reliever for prospects. But the professionals over at ESPN understand they didn’t make any move because they didn’t have to. 

The Dodgers didn’t do anything other than trade away Ross Stripling, but they are so good and so deep that the only move of consequence would have been acquiring Mike Clevinger or Lance Lynn, and given what the Padres gave up to get Clevinger and that Lynn remained with the Rangers, let’s not dump on the Dodgers’ front office. They still have the best team in baseball.

After Tuesday night’s win over the Diamondbacks, the Dodgers now sit five games up in the NL West. They have an MLB best 27 wins and are the only team in the .700+ in win percentage column. They truly are a complete team with very few, if any glaring holes on the roster. 

Teams on the Move (But Not Close to the Dodgers)

While the Dodgers stayed at number one, there were a few teams that moved drastically. The Indians moved up 5 spots to number 4 even after dealing away Mike Clevinger to San Diego. The Padres went trade crazy acquiring some of the biggest names on the market, but did not move up from their number 10 spot. 

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  1. If Mookie hadn’t saved the Dodgers last night, our boys in blue would have been one hit by a last place team. Power rankings mean what? The Padres can do anything the Dodgers can and maybe better. In a three game playoff set, the Dodgers can easily be beat by any number of teams.

    • True – power rankings don’t mean much and, in a 3 game set, any team can get hot and win but to say the Dodgers can EASILY be beaten is a stretch.
      Gallen’s a terrific pitcher who faced a Dodger lineup without their 3 and 4 spot hitters. You think SD would have fared better against him without Tatis and Muchado in the lineup? Please.
      SD has a good team that improved at the trade deadline but let’s see it on the field against the Dodgers before giving them the pennant.