Yesterday the Marlins and Yankees connected together on a trade that sends Stanton to form a new Murderer’s Row in New York. With the Dodgers being unable able to acquire the services of Stanton, their attention appears to be turning elsewhere.

Specifically to Marcell Ozuna, according to Dustin Nosler:

Andy McCullough of the LA Times seems to think the Dodgers should re-engage the Marlins on Ozuna, too:

Yesterday it was detailed on here that Marcell Ozuna would be a possible option for us:

With Marcell Ozuna, you have a right-handed left-fielder that has pop and plays solid defense. His stat-line this year was his best yet: .312/.376/.548, 37 HR, 124 RBI’s. From left-field he has 11 defensive runs saved, and 10 outfield assists.

Certainly Marcell Ozuna is a likable option if the Dodgers are even seriously considering an outfield upgrade. If they are indeed considering that upgrade for left-field, inserting a right-handed power bat into the Dodgers lineup is definitely attractive. His defense has always been very solid, if not underrated. Adding another strong arm to the outfield in addition to Puig would certainly cause runners to think twice.

Ozuna wouldn’t merely be a consolation prize, but a prize in of himself. He wouldn’t cost very much, as he is looking to make $10.9 million in arbitration. This will make him the third most expensive player on the Marlins roster. For the Dodgers $10.9 million is very affordable. It will not hamper their luxury tax plans, and they would control him for two years.

Indeed there is still uncertainty as to whether the Marlins will even seriously shop Ozuna now that Stanton is gone. The matter in question is now how much it would take to pry him from the Marlins. Then there is the matter that the Dodgers do not have a pressing need in left-field. They made it to the World Series utilizing a combo of Joc Pederson and Kike Hernandez. Next season Andrew Toles will be returning, and Alex Verdugo will likely see more playing time.

With this in mind the Dodgers should do their due diligence about inquiring on Marcell Ozuna, but they need to also be careful not to overpay for someone who would merely be a luxury for them. Additionally, they have more pressing needs in the bullpen and stability for the starting rotation. The Dodgers should address these needs first before making serious offers for Marcell Ozuna or other outfield upgrades.

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