Dodgers Reportedly Tried to Trade Away Some Surplus Relievers at the Deadline

The Dodgers reportedly tried to pull from their relief depth.

The trade deadline came and went with the Dodgers doing very little to change up their team. Their biggest move was trading away Ross Stripling to Toronto to open up space in the rotation for Tony Gonsolin. 

But as it turns out, there may have been a lot more going on behind the scenes. We already know that the Dodgers at least talked to the Rangers about Lance Lynn, as the two sides were very far apart. But there were also some suggestions that the team would trade away from its depth in order to gain new prospects

Now, Jon Heyman is reporting that the Dodgers also tried to move some of their relievers at the deadline. While it’s not clear what they were hoping for in return, it would make sense that they were looking for future talent. 

There are a few guys in the bullpen that are in their last year or on a one-year deal with the Dodgers. Pedro Baez was on the injured list, so he would not have been moved though they might have considered it if he was healthy.

Adam Kolarek has a few more years of team control and his value might be at an all-time high. Caleb Ferguson falls into a very similar situation, but he might have more upside long-term. Jake McGee, who has been a huge addition to the bullpen, is another guy that is only signed through this year with the Dodgers. 

Whoever it might have been, the Dodgers ultimately decided that they would hold onto their guys. When you have one of the best bullpens in baseball, that makes the decision a little bit easier. 

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  1. As Kelly and Baez are coming back the Dodgers have more relievers than spots. They will need to use the IL to stash players.
    So far Alexander has not been sharp and McGee is a one pitch pitcher so who do they take into the playoffs?

  2. They should use Kelly to throw behind Altuve the next time they play the Asterisks. Maybe he’ll pull off another Hanley Ramirez and Altuve will be fishing in October.

  3. Troy, did you see that “message pitch” that got Aroldis Chapman suspended? It was 100+ and it did not miss Brosseau’s head by much. And he got only 3 days for it. Brosseau very nearly became headless.

  4. Why was Jansen not on the trade block? We could a cold cheese sandwich about now and that’s what’s he’s good for. He is good for a couple of base runners and a home run atleast every other appearance on the mound. Wish we would have kept chicken strip and let Jansen go.

  5. We didn’t need anyone at the trade deadline. Stripling was a good Dodger; but we have a couple young starters with a high upside that are now in the rotation. And Gray still on the farm. I really respect the savvy decisions of the front office. Sad, but Joc and Kike are probably gone this off season. And I would not be surprised if Joc was close to being offered for a good prospect at the deadline. But we have Edwin Rio’s who needs playing time. We are in great shape for now and can stay quiet on the free agent front this winter. Resign Justin and look at a Clayton extension.