Dodgers Reportedly Unlikely To Make A Move This Week

It appears that the Dodgers aren’t close to making any moves, as Farhan Zaidi said he does not expect any deals this week. This may come as a disappointment to fans who are hungry for new acquisitions.

The good news is that he also said something could happen next week.

While the Dodgers are always looking to improve, they don’t have a ton of holes. Outside of Brandon Morrow, most of the Dodgers departing free agents can be replaced in house. Morrow’s absence will be felt if a suitable replacement can’t be found during the offseason, but there are still plenty of options. Zaidi noted that the Dodgers do not have any tremendous needs.

The Dodgers biggest need that will be pursued is relief help. The market for relievers is thinning, but there are still plenty of formidable options available. The Dodgers have a knack for finding players that were overlooked by everyone else and turning them into a key bullpen piece. They may walk away from the Winter Meetings without making any moves, but that doesn’t mean the Dodgers aren’t trying to improve.

Andrew Friedman commented on the Dodgers current strategy.

Usually when you go into the winter you have a number of acute needs and holes. We’re in a more fortunate position in that we really like the talent base that we have. It won’t stop us from trying to be creative and figure out ways to get better, but we’re also not gonna do it just to do it.

Friedman added that the bullpen is the current priority.

As it relates to specific needs, I think bullpen. I think that’s always something that’s front of mind and something we end up spending a lot of time on. It will concern us through opening day and into the season, but we feel really good about the guys that we have. Now it’s about trying to get creative and find some guys that we feel will fit our group really well.

While the offseason has been slow so far, it doesn’t mean that meaningful moves aren’t on the horizon. The Dodgers do not need to make a big move, and won’t unless it’s the best value. The luxury tax looming will play a factor, but going for best value instead of biggest name is what turned the Dodgers into what they became last season.

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  1. So far I’d give dodgers offseason an F
    – No right handed power bat
    – Build the bullpen ( didn’t sign anyone lost Morrow)
    – #2 right handed ace behind Kershaw nope
    – offload some contracts nope, we still have a log jam in rotation

  2. It’s common for a 5 ERA starter to become a 3 ERA reliever especially if he has good stuff but struggles with his 3rd pitch. Also a good or bad reliever one year is great or horrible the next. I think it’s smart to not pay long term deals to such a volatile group and find another Blanton or Morrow.