Dodgers: Roberts Says That Gavin Lux Has Time to Figure Things Out

Expect Lux to keep getting at-bats down the stretch.

The Dodgers are in the fortunate position to have time to figure things out for guys struggling right now. They are red hot, winning 29 of 39 games and extending their lead in the National League West. That being said, there aren’t many games left to get essential guys locked in. 

After today’s game, there will only be 20 games left in the regular season. While they’re pretty much set around the diamond, second base remains a position of uncertainty. Gavin Lux recently got the callup to be that guy, but Lux has struggled early on. He has started his 2020 campaign going 2-for-17(.118 avg) with 7 strikeouts. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts had even said that he felt Lux wasn’t being as aggressive as he would like to see.

Fortunately, there is still some time to get things going. Roberts spoke with Dodgers media prior to Thursday’s game, in which Lux did not play. Roberts clarified that Lux would have the opportunity to prove he can be the guy come October. 

You know what you have in Kiké and Taylor. With Gavin, giving him a runway to play consistently against right-handed pitching, I think he deserves it. He needs it. And we need to see it. So I don’t think it’s a day-to-day performance thing. I don’t want that in his mind. I want him to go up there and have clarity and play baseball. Once we get to that point, whenever it is, we’ll make a decision.

While Kiké isn’t exactly lighting up the stat lines, Chris Taylor has been pretty consistent. And as of right now, both guys represent a better option than a struggling Lux. But in terms of upside, Lux almost certainly has the edge. We all know what he can be, and that’s exactly what the Dodgers will need this October. 

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    • Paul, its great reading your analysis of the 2nd base situation. I do hope all is well with you and PD Jr. Please send him my best regards.
      Lux’s play leaves much to be desired. He came to camp out-of-shape, and has not seemed to work his way back. I think Roberts is correct in giving him as much playing time as possible. That is the luxury of having a very deep, talented squad.
      If this fails, as you correctly imply, we will need to seek an alternative solution.
      Stay safe,


    • Paul, is great reading your response. I am glad we reconnected!!!! Lux has been a disappointment since showing up to camp out-of-shape. He does not seem to have the confidence he once did, and I am glad Roberts is giving him the requisite playing time to get back into playing shape. As you correctly state, if he does break out of his slupm, 2nd base will continue to be a position of uncertainty for the club.
      Stay well!!!! And sne my very best to PD Jr.!!! Go Blue!!

  1. The Dodger Organization and League Scouts believe Lux has the talent to be an offensive threat and hit for a solid average and power. Lux has demonstrated that in the Minors where he tore up the League at every level.
    If he looked good at the plate and was still not hitting I would be very concerned. Lux looks tentative and is taking balls in the middle of the plate that should be hard hit. He is either not seeing the ball, has developed mechanical issues or is mentally overwhelmed.
    The Dodgers have about 10-15 games to allow him to find his way. With about 10 games to go they need to put Taylor at second and decide if they want to try again next year with him.

  2. Actually we have no idea ” what he can be”. He’s a prospect who has shown us nothing this year or last. If he was 25 he’d be gone. Give him another year maybe but not this year, as we need performance not potential.