Dodgers’ Roberts Talks Leadoff Options

A point of contention remaining from this offseason has been what the Dodgers might do with their leadoff hitter, or, as some like to point out at every turn: the lack thereof.

Well, Dave Roberts shared his thoughts on the subject and, really, he made a lot of sense.

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This, via True Blue L.A.’s Eric Stephen:

This is certainly no old school way to manage the role. Historically, the team would feature the same hitter atop the order game in, game out. That player would be able to get on base and wreak havoc once they get there.

Go ahead, bring up Dee Gordon. It’s impossible to have this conversation without doing so, apparently, but whatever.

Now, the flexibility Roberts speaks of in his quotes make the Dodgers tougher to scout and strategize against. If Joc Pederson gets his swing in order and spends time in the leadoff role, the power he brings to the table has to be taken into account by the opposing pitcher/manager.

If Howie Kendrick bats leadoff, you obviously have the lefty-righty difference, but a completely different way of thinking at the plate. Same goes for how Kike Hernandez or Yasiel Puig approach not only hitting, but their time on the basepaths.

Now, the counterpoint to this thinking is the lack of consistency hitters prefer on a daily basis. Hitting at different spots in the order means players have rethink the way they hit based on situation. Not only that, but the daily routine that goes into batting in any given spot.

Point being: this is a give-and-take that’s somewhat forced upon Roberts because of roster construction. It’s good to see Roberts keeping an open mind in handling the situation versus trying to force a round peg into a square hole the way a older-school manager might.

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  1. To me the
    logical choice would be Pederson.But
    right now he seems to be playing himself into a ticket to OKC.So when there is no other obvious choice,
    make a non-obvious choice; Justin Turner.Turner had an OBP in 2015 of .370 and .404 for 2014.He is not a base stealer, but he is not going
    to clog the bases either. The Dodgers do not have a base stealer, but
    there is enough speed that they can create runs by being aggressive on the
    bases.Put a left handed bat at #2
    (Ethier or Seager), and maybe he can pull a ball into right and Turner can take
    3rd on the hit.

    While I do
    not know how he makes the team, another potential might be Micah Johnson.He has always had good OBP, and he can
    certainly run.

  2. Joc shouldn’t be in the lead off spot. He should be on the bench. The guy can’t hit. His front side still blows out which tells me he didn’t do a thing to adjust his swing in the offseason.