Dodgers Rumors: Agent Gives Update on Johnny Cueto’s Free Agency

When the dust settled from the winter meetings, the Dodgers emerged with the signing of Hisashi Iwakuma, but also the large loss of Zack Greinke.

As such, the team’s rotation is still an area that needs improving and one way the Dodgers could do that is by signing Johnny Cueto. It was reported just yesterday that the team is interested in doing so, but there are other possible suitors are well. In an interview with MLB Trade Rumors, Cueto’s agent, Bryce Dixon, shed some light on the situation.

I don’t view the market as shrinking up.  I’m still finding interest and there still seems to be enough out there for him to land comfortably with a team.”

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Cueto declined a six-year, $126 million deal with the Diamondbacks, and so that seems to be the price point for the starter. As far as who Cueto might land with, his agent specifically mentioned two teams, the Dodgers and Cardinals. Though it does seem that St. Louis is the preferred destination, based on what his agent said:

“He loves pitching in the NL Central.  He’s the best pitcher of our era in the NL Central.  It would be a good marriage [between] Johnny and the Cardinals.  I think once the fans got past the fight and they saw what a gamer Johnny is and what he could bring to the team, I think they would be able to embrace him now, though I don’t think that they’ll do that overnight.

And there’s more:

“Johnny’s best friend is Brayan Pena (Pena signed a two-year deal with St. Louis this winter).  Johnny would love to pitch to him and a catcher like [Yadier] Molina, so I think it would be a good fit.  Whether the Cardinals step up with the necessary resources, that remains to be seen.”

That last line is key though. It seems as if it’s up to the Cardinals to make a big offer, and thus far, it appears that they haven’t. Perhaps the Dodgers will.

“He could also envision his client looking good in Dodger blue next to Clayton Kershaw in L.A.’s rotation.  Those are just two of the fits that Dixon can see for Cueto at this stage and he’s still willing to wait for what he feels is an appropriate pact.”

As far as when a decision may come, “Dixon indicated that it could happen in a matter of minutes or a matter of weeks.”

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