Dodgers Rumors: Bryce Harper’s Friends Believe He Prefers Los Angeles

Bryce Harper Watch 2019 rolls onward, and a nationally acclaimed baseball writer dropped an interesting nugget on Thursday. Furthermore, Bob Nightengale says via USA Today that friends of Harper believe he prefers a certain destination in free agency. Equally important; that destination is Southern California.

Let’s check it out.

Here is the money quote:

If Harper had his choice, with the offers being close, friends believe he’d pick the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers may have interest, but haven’t publicly declared they will even make a short-term offer.

Now, with any quote like this it is worth wondering which ‘friends’ Nightengale has been in touch with. That said, Nightengale is a credible national writer and there is every reason worth noting this significantly.

The article goes on to note that three teams are truly in on the Harper sweepstakes. The Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago White Sox, and your Los Angeles Dodgers. It’s down to simple math. The other part of the equation is what kind of lump sum figure gets this done – and gets Harper wearing new gear in 2019.

With the way the article reads, it sounds like without a record offer; this process could drag on a while. Let the take-home message of this post be that those close to Bryce Harper privately believe he would like to be a Los Angeles Dodger. I am one writer who believes this is 100 percent true, given the variables involved.

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    • I agree with you bluz in obtaining Kluber if at all possible. That would lock up our starting rotation. And if Harper is the hitter everyone says he is, then lets pursue him. Back in the 1950s, no manager benched Snider, Hodges or Furillo based on the side of the plate they hit. If Harper can hit, then get him. Second base will be filled by someone we already have; and catcher may be filled the same way. Though it would surprise me if Grandal rejoins us and is backed up by Ruiz or Will Smith.

      • BLUE LOU! Greetings from myself and PD Jr. Harper is another LHB and even though he may handle LHP well enough I honestly would prefer a legit RH bat for the middle of the lineup.. Because rest assured, if dodgers don’t address this LH dominant lineup, we will see tons of LHP going against us and the temptations for full on platooning will continue because most of our LHB cannot or do not fair well against LHP and the opponents KNOW that. But in fairness, with this team those LH batters don’t get much if any chance to hit them in the first place. As far as Kluber, I am not sure Indians are in such a rush to move him now.

  1. . The Dodgers may have interest, but haven’t publicly declared they will even make a short-term offer.

    Where in those comments do you read that the Dodgers are involved at all?

    • Bryce Harper’s friends believe he wants to be in LA, and from what I understand.. He’s got very reliable friends..who don’t spread rumors all that much..the Dodgers will definitely to improve the team, thru FA signings or trade before spring training begins. count on it.

  2. I like what Friedman has done but it’s time to make it happen. This franchise needs to make a “splash” after being a bridesmaid the last two years and a Harper signing would generate buzz and excitement, give the team a tremendous player who will put us over the top.

  3. I have been a Dodger fan my hole life I they do not get BRYCE HARPER, it just makes wonder why they would give up a player like Puig, who was just getting better. Personally I do not get it, if you are a Dodger fan you know going back as many as 2 years, BRYCE HARPER made it clear if their was a team I could play for, it would be the LA Dodgers, this is a guy that would root for LA growing up. Its not like the Dodgers do not have a money problem, they have as much money as the Phillies, now stop screwing around and get him, because if we don’t you can forget about a run at the world series next season, and beyond. Kluber would be a nice addition, but it does seem like the Indians are just playing games, because I believe if you offered the same deal to the Indians that you did to the Reds they would of traded us Kluber, I’am not pleased with what we are doing??