Dodgers Rumors: Finding an Ethier Trade Suitor

Rumors are rumors are rumors are rumors, as they say. And, today, there was a rumor posted on a Baltimore Orioles site that is a little interesting namely because the Los Angeles Dodgers are involved. The trade centers around Andre Ethier and Alex Wood, with the Dodgers getting talent back.

The Orioles made a play for left fielder Yoenis Cespedes this offseason, only to see Cespedes turn down that offer and re-sign with the New York Mets. Due to this, the Orioles still need another outfielder despite the fact they signed Korean export Hyun Soo Kim. Enter a trade rumor.

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From the Eutaw Street Report, a Baltimore Orioles blog site:

I’ll throw out a proposed package of Harvey, Reyes and Wilson for instance. That would be a pretty good package I think and you could add to it with some fringe prospects as well.

This is just one writer’s suggestion, not something that’s being floated out there. The trade would send Ethier and Wood to the Orioles in exchange for Hunter Harvey, Jomar Reyes, and Tyler Wilson. It’s an intriguing deal, for sure.

Harvey is arguably the Orioles’ number one prospect, but he missed all of 2015 after Tommy John surgery. In 2014, he finished with 106 strikeouts in 87.2 innings at A-ball. Reyes is another top prospect, but he’s not a pitcher. He’s an 18-year old third baseman who OPS’d .774 in A-ball last season. Wilson is a solid pitching prospect, but nothing big time.

In reality, this wouldn’t be a bad haul for the Dodgers if they explored this route. They’d get a young pitching prospect in Harvey, a super young third base prospect in Reyes, and a decent fill-in prospect that could develop in the future in Wilson.

Trading Ethier, and to a lesser extent Wood, is going to be a tough thing if the team doesn’t feel like they’re going to get anything worthwhile back in exchange. It’s hard to say if the Dodgers want “win now” talent back or guys for the future. I guess we’ll find out if they do decide to move him.

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