Dodgers Rumors: Front Office Approached Red Sox About a Potential Trade Involving Yasiel Puig

Alex Speier of the Boston Globe published an article this morning reporting that the Dodgers approached the Boston Red Sox earlier this offseason about a potential trade proposal that would involve Yasiel Puig in exchange for outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. this offseason.

In the article, Speier notes that “multiple major league sources” were aware of the initial discussion between the Dodgers and the Red Sox about potentially swamping two young outfielders. Speier goes on to say the Red Sox “quickly decline” the idea, and there wasn’t any substantive conversation the followed.

Speier indicates the Dodgers were primarily interested in Bradley because of his extra year of control the team would have. Bradley is under team control for three more years, while Puig has two more years before becoming a free agent.

Bradley will be entering his fourth full season and will be turning 28 this season. Bradley is coming off of what was a relatively disappointing 2017 season after an All-Star appearance in 2016. Bradley slashed .245/.323/.401 with 17 home runs in a season plagued by injuries last year. Those numbers are a decent drop off from his 2016 season when he slashed .267/.349/.486 with 26 home runs. Bradley also has the ability to play elite outfield defense with a 5.3 career defensive WAR rating, and we know how management values defensive versatility.

Bradley made $3.3 million last season and is projected to make $5.9 million this upcoming season. He is a four-year arbitration player and will be eligible for free agency after the 2020 season.

The reports that the front office flirted with the idea of moving Puig is somewhat surprising considering Puig’s season last year. Puig had his most complete season of his career slashing .263/346/.487 with a career-high 28 home runs and 74 RBI. Puig looked much improved at the plate showing better discipline and played Gold Glove-caliber defense. Puig is still only 27 years old and is under contract for two more seasons at a relatively affordable price ($18+M over two years).

If these reports are accurate, and if this trade would have occurred, this would have shocked the Dodger community. After so many ups and downs in Puig’s career, I’m not sure how the fanbase would have reacted to trading away a core player.

But that’s the MLB offseason. General Managers throw around crazy ideas in hopes of finding a move that makes the team better. In this instance, Friedman was looking for a young All-Star caliber player who is is more affordable and under control for an extra season. It would have been an out of the box move, but a move that Friedman likes to make.

How would you have felt if this trade would have developed into something big? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Gee I don’t like that idea a lesser player then push? I think that Puig is part of the team unimportant part I crazy part but an important part I think Andy tinker’s too much with the roster and we’re not going to get very far this year hopefully I’m wrong cuz last year was awesome

  2. Ehhh.. I don’t like it. It’s true the Puig had a really good season for the Dodgers and was a major part of their run, but he has been an inconsistent player his whole career. I personally think there is a good chance that he falls off a bit for the Dodgers next season. Factor in him changing teams and I just don’t see him having a good year. To much risk here. Maybe I’d think about it a little more if the Red Sox sign Martinez and want to play him in the outfield, but even then. Your selling Bradley after a down season and buying Puig after an up one. Never a good idea.

  3. There is not much out there that is more valuable than Puig. Dodger owners need to learn that a World Series Championship is going to cost a lot. Houston and Chicago did what it takes. The Dodgers almost do and they almost won. Puig is going to have a long and good career and will probably be a world champion in the not-too-far future. His arm in right field is unparalleled. Also, he has grown up a lot while still keeping the need kid in himself. Perhaps some of his early career shenanigans were him experiencing freedom from oppression. He now knows what most of the behavioral limits are.

  4. Friedman, why do you want to get rid of puig? Seems like you always get past injured players like Bradley . Puig is in better shape than Bradley. We need uninjured players specially pitchers

  5. I don’t understand anything that Jhenandez is saying.. But I totally agree with Ken Kamoss.. Leave Puig alone. If there is anyone to move for value.. it would be Pederson.. If he gets ANY competition (Toles) it might make him a better player.. (I doubt it)

  6. Friedman, why don’t you go back to wherever you came from….you trade Yasiel and you can count yourself out of the playoffs/series…he is a key player on that team so leave him where he is… As a matter of fact, get rid of the STRIKE OUT KING, Joc Pederson, because that’s all he does when he gets up to bat. Is he your best bud or what??? Get a grip on reality.

  7. Don’t believe it’s true…….it’s just a rumor not a fact……why would the Dodgers move Puig for a player who had such a down year as Bradley did……and Puig improving so much so he hit 28 dingers and played gold glove finalist defense……….does not make sense.