Dodgers Rumors: Giants Pushing Up Greinke’s Price?

We all knew this would be the case. Any bidding for the same players (especially one of Zack Greinke’s caliber) between division rivals as competitive as the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants is going to get ugly.

While this hasn’t necessarily hit “ugly” status (though we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes) quite yet, a huge part of why Greinke’s price tag continues to elevate is because of the two teams involved.

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Joel Sherman of the New York Daily News seems to believe so.

I have heard theories the Giants, with so much money coming off their payroll this offseason and next, are comfortable spending big to get a co-ace with Madison Bumgarner. And I have heard the Giants – like with Jon Lester last offseason – have a point they will not cross and merely will stay in it to make sure their rival pays the largest amount possible.

Everyone repeat with me: I hate the Giants.

I mean, it’s totally the right thing it do: Weaken your rival by either hiking up the price of re-signing the 32-year-old ace so the back end of the contract is all the tougher to swallow or just sign said ace outright. But still… (This is me whining. It’s late).

Sherman also added an interesting tidbit about the dynamic between ownership and the baseball operations department, headed by Andrew Friedman.

I have heard theories the Dodgers, who had a record payroll in 2015, will not allow themselves to be outbid for a piece they need so badly. And I have heard the Dodgers have a breaking point and president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman places great value on the compensatory draft pick Los Angeles would get if Greinke signs elsewhere.

It sounds like one faction involved (ownership) wants to keep Greinke to avoid the public relations hit associated with losing one of the franchise’s greatest pitchers ever to the hated Giants. The other faction (Friedman) is weary of handing out $30-plus million to a pitcher on the wrong side of 30.

The compensatory pick is also noteworthy. Friedman has done almost everything he could to pick up picks wherever he can, so this is always something worth keeping an eye on.

God… Just typing that last sentence hurt.

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