Dodgers Rumors: Jason Heyward Again Linked to Team by ESPN

This rumor just doesn’t seem to want to stop. While the Dodgers need player more badly elsewhere on their roster, the biggest name on the free agent market (outside of the starting pitching, obviously) is Jason Heyward.

Just based on how rumors go, of course Heyward keeps getting linked to the Dodgers.

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This, via David Schoenfield of ESPN:

This would seem contingent upon the Dodgers first trading Yasiel Puig. Heyward fits two criteria the Dodgers are looking to emphasize: Defense and getting younger. Remember, last year they brought inHowie Kendrick and Jimmy Rollins basically to shore up the middle infield D. Heyward would give them that cornerstone outfielder. Or maybe they don’t trade Puig. How about an outfield of Puig, Joc Pederson and Heyward?

Look. I get it. The Dodgers have a lot of money to work with. The list of five teams Schoenfield put together is basically ranked by the amount of funds they are able to spend this Winter.

Also on the list: the St. Louis Cardinals (his current team), the Los Angeles Angels, the Chicago Cubs, and the New York Yankees.

Only the Cardinals don’t come from the top three markets in the country. If the logic is simply, “well they can spend more”, more logic should probably be used.

As he did last time, Schoenfield implies Puig would have to be moved to make this work. I actually think the hypothetical he lobs at the end of his reasoning for Heyward winding up in Dodger blue makes more sense.

Puig makes pennies compared to what Heyward stands to sign for. The Dodgers have two other outfielders (Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier) who seem to preclude the front office from spending more than Puig might.

Yes, Puig and Heyward play the same position, but it would seem to me as if Heyward’s defensive abilities allow him to move all over the outfield.

A Pederson/Puig/Heyward would be insanely fun and would have the team set there for the foreseeable future. If we’re going to do that, though, let’s spend more time thinking about that combination than simply pointing out the amount of resources the Dodgers could potentially spend.

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