J.T. Realmuto has been linked to the Los Angeles Dodgers, and fans seem to have him on their wish-list. However, what if it came with a price tag of Cody Bellinger? Indeed, the Marlins are hopeful to land Bellinger in any potential trade involving Realmuto.

This comes courtesy of AM570’s David Vassegh, who says that ‘people in Miami’ have told him that will be the asking price.

Here is the exact quote from Vassegh:

What I have been told from people in Miami, if the Dodgers were trying to get J.T. Realmuto, they would have to give up somebody like a Cody Bellinger. It would take one of those guys (Puig, Verdugo) and Bellinger.

Now, Miami has long been known for their insane trade demands; dating back to a different brass in the front office. Nonetheless, let’s walk that back a bit.

The Miami Marlins would want not only Cody Bellinger – but also one of either Yasiel Puig or Alex Verdugo. For a catcher. I’m sorry, but that’s absolute insanity. If the Dodgers were to sign off on a straight up deal of Bellinger for Realmuto; I will resign as editor of the blog immediately.

You also call to question Vassegh’s source on something like this – how well dialed in is he in Miami? Let’s assume the source is a good one. Even then, there is significant talking that needs to happen for these two sides to get closer. It’s obvious that Miami knows the Dodgers are a fit for Realmuto. It will be up to the Dodgers front office to bring these talks back to planet earth where we all reside.


It’s fair to assume that Bellinger is close to untouchable with his two-year resume in baseball. We have discussed possible packages that make sense for Realmuto in our eyes. What we can we deduct? The true package probably lies somewhere very in between.

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