Dodgers Rumors: Olney – Price to L.A.? Greinke to Giants?

Just when we thought Dodgers Nation could quiet down just a little bit for the evening, Buster Olney had to hop on his ESPN platform and predict all kinds of madness.

Basically, he has all the pitchers going everywhere.

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First, he says Price could end up either with the Chicago Cubs or Los Angeles Dodgers. The Cubs probably have the inside track to Price, given the Joe Maddon connection and proximity – when compared to L.A. – to Price’s native Tennessee.

Olney goes on to say that if Price wants considerably more money than Jon Lester, the Cubs might not have sufficient assets to pay both. In steps the Dodgers, who print money, basically.

So, as a Dodgers fan you’re thinking “Holy crap the Dodgers might somehow wind up with Price AND Greinke!?!” Not so fast, says Olney.

Olney sites the one thing Dodgers fans everywhere are worried about: Andrew Friedman’s reluctance to pay a 32-year-old starting pitcher $200 million. The contract looks perfectly fine next year, but how might it look when Greinke is nearing his late 30s? Ask Lakers fans. Paying that kind of contract is not ideal.

Greinke could also wind up in San Francisco, according to Olney, but we can just pretend we didn’t hear that.

Again, these kinds of rumors will only increase in number as we continue through the offseason. So my advice to fans: Hold tight to that scenario where the Dodgers walk away with both the aces. It’s more fun that way.

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