Dodgers Rumors: Team Rebuffs Seager, Urias-for-Fernandez Trade

Something makes this rumor feel like it isn’t going anywhere at least for the entire week of the Winter Meetings. You have an uber-talented, young pitcher in Jose Fernandez, a terrible organization in the Miami Marlins and at least one team ready to pounce on the Marlins’ organizational failure.

You would think a talent of Fernandez’s quality would require a combination of all the Dodgers’ prospects, but based on at least one report, Andrew Friedman is not willing to part with two of them.

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This, via Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports.

It says something about the leverage the Dodgers think they have (in part due to how badly Fernandez wants out of Miami) that they would immediately balk at the asking price.

Don’t get me wrong; the Marlins are right to ask for so much. This is where negotiations start. I’m almost surprised the Dodgers weren’t also asked for Jose de Leon at this initial stage of the talks.

Fortunately, the front office appears not particularly interested in said asking price. Fernandez would be a great response to losing Greinke, but giving up Seager alone is almost too much given the leverage the Dodgers are operating under.

For now, we’ll keep an eye on how the talks continue, though if a deal is made and the Dodgers get the opportunity to counter, it’s fairly safe to assume the deal will look at least marginally better than this first iteration.

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