Dodgers Rumors: Teams Have Called About the Outfielders

Prices for outfielders are sky-rocketing. Free agent outfielder Jason Heyward, for example, agreed to a monster eight-year, $184 million deal with the Chicago Cubs on Friday morning.

But the increasing cost could work in the Dodgers’ favor. It’s no secret that the team has been looking to move one of their outfielders this offseason. Yasiel Puig had a down year and a rocky offseason, so naturally his name came up in the speculation, but Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier — and their expensive contracts — are trade candidates too.

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The team so far has struggled to find a suitable deal for the outfielders, but with the amount that free agents are getting the Dodgers are starting to receive more interest.

“As those prices are going up, teams are reaching out more,” Dodgers’ Vice President Andrew Friedman told ESPN’s Mark Saxon.

Moving the contracts of Crawford and Ethier won’t be easy and frankly, the Dodgers will probably have to chip in a large chunk of change in any trade, but this could be the best time to swing a deal.

I do not think, however, that moving Puig right now would be a good idea. He’s coming off the worst year of his career and his value could not be any lower. The old saying is “buy low, and sell high”, and this would be a case of the Dodgers selling low.

Regardless, the Dodgers will continue to listen and take in offers, and perhaps the increased demand for outfielders will lead to a deal, but I still wouldn’t expect anything to get done. Not just because the offers might not be great, but also because Friedman may prefer to have outfield depth.

“We’re open to ways to improve and, obviously, there are a lot of different ways to do that, but we saw firsthand how valuable that depth was last year,” he told ESPN.

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