Dodgers Rumors: Greinke To Washington Or San Francisco?

Another day, another Zack Greinke rumor.

At this point, I’m almost positive the rumors won’t stop even after he signs wherever he might be the end of this offseason.

This time, it was Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal’s turn to try to figure out where Greinke might wind up.

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First, if Rosenthal was a betting man, he might make an interesting wager.

I am not suggesting that one of the teams below will sign Price, 30, or Greinke, 32 — if I had to bet, I would bet on Price to the Cubs and Greinke to the Giants. But all of them should at least explore the possibility.

It’s an important disclaimer, and one Dodgers fans probably won’t like, as it means neither ace would be pitching in Los Angeles next season. Based on a poll we ran recently, fans would not be too pleased with that outcome.

Rosenthal’s likeliest of the five teams he thinks should get involved with in the Greinke/David Price sweepstakes has some history with this year’s NL Cy Young runner-up.

The Nationals attempted to acquire Greinke in Dec. 2010, when he went from the Royals to the Brewers. But Greinke rejected a proposed trade and reported $100 million extension because he believed that the Nats were not ready to win, and that they would be giving up too much to get him.

It stands to reason, then, that Greinke would entertain signing with the Nationals, and the same goes for Price. The question is whether the Nats, after signing free-agent right-hander Max Scherzer to a seven-year, $210 million contract last offseason, would want to add another pitcher at a steep price.

I honestly have no idea what to predict at this point. Basically every free agent has been linked to basically every franchise. The list to teams to have ever been the “favorite” to sign him has grown longer than the pitches Greinke might use in a game.

It’s important to point out Rosenthal claims others have claimed the Dodgers are among the favorites to sign Greinke or Price but, really, there’s no telling based on how rumors have swirled around each other since the season ended.

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