Dodgers: Seager for Lindor, Sign Cole; MLB Pundit Says LA Should Get Stupid

MLB Network Radio compares Cole and Lindor to Magic and Kareem. Wow.

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 23: Corey Seager #5 of the Los Angeles Dodgers sits in the dugout before the game against the Colorado Rockies at Dodger Stadium on May 23, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Right now, there’s a call to action in the mainstream media for the Los Angeles Dodgers to make an off-season splash. Notably, Jeff Joyce says on MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM that the Dodgers need to start by using Corey Seager as trade bait. Remember, we predicted and explored why the Dodgers may do exactly that.

Moreover, it sounds like Joyce and co-host Steve Sax are ready to see the Dodgers go all-in. On one hand, the Dodgers have a loaded roster ready to compete. That much is obvious. However, they state that before the 2019 MLB playoffs; they didn’t feel like the Dodgers had the rotation to defeat the Houston Astros like the Washington Nationals did.

While it’s interesting none of them said that then, here’s the clip in it’s entirety.

Indeed, Joyce kicks things off with a bang. He’s ready to see Los Angeles swap Seager for Francisco Lindor. Then, he wants to see the Dodgers really push their chips to the middle of the table by signing Gerrit Cole.

“Sign Cole and trade for Lindor. Just do it, just get stupid.”

Following that, Steve Sax examines the scenario. The take home message here is that if the Dodgers want Lindor, it’s going to cost a great deal in trade commodities. Obviously this would include Corey Seager and then some.

“So what they probably do is say they have to start the trading with Lindor, start by trading Seager. He’s gonna cost a lot less than Lindor is if they wanna sign him there and play him there. That might be where they start the whole thing, but the Indians will ask a lot for Lindor.”

While nothing big could happen, it really feels like something unexpected will. Certainly it’s not likely that the Dodgers land both Lindor and Cole in one off-season and ‘get stupid’. However, it is quite possible that they open a door to acquire an impact player by using Seager and other valuable players.

Finally, if I was a betting man (and I just might be); I would bet the rumors of the Dodgers trading Seager get even louder this winter. It just feels like something big and unexpected is about to go down, do you agree?

Written by Clint Evans

Clint lives in Ohio, and played collegiate baseball. He loves the Dodgers due to his first memories of Chavez Ravine when he was nine years old. The voice of Vin Scully has been a staple in his life since he was a kid. No amount of baseball talk is ever enough, and he wishes the regular season was year round. He has written about baseball online since 2007.


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  1. The greedy scu m could actually afford to sign both Cole and Strasburg, and trade for both Lindor and Betts. Anything short of this and they won’t win it all just wait and see

    • Betts would be just a rental because he’s a FA after 2020. I am not interested in trading good prospects or whoever else for a guy that Dodgers only have 1 year of control and Betts has already indicated he WILL test the FA market

  2. Stupid to give up on Seager.Dodgers don’t need Lindor or Betts or cole,Seaver to 3rd Lux to short Muncy to 2nd and Turner to 1st maybe he’ll stay healthy the whole year.But as long as the 3 stooges (magic,friedman and stupid roberts) are around nothing will happen cause all 3 are too Stupid.Magic is the stupidest minority owner in baseball.

    • Magic is not making any decisions. It’s about Fraudman. If it was up to Magic Roberts would be fired like he wanted with the really poor Luke Walton over on the Lakers. He knows bad management when he sees it. He also brought in Lebron James when HE was in charge. That got the ball rolling to get AD and the Lakers are 1st in Defense Offense and Have the best record in the NBA. He would have 2 of 3 of either Betts, Lindor Cole to get this thing done if he were in charge.

    • So I guess Luis wants to continue trotting out the same playoff losers every year and expect a different result. Anyone that can’t handle the pressure needs to go it’s time to design a playoff team not a regular season one

      • Agree here, Manny.. Freidman had said he was not thrilled with what a too LH heavy lineup did in the NLDS. Same ole won’t get it done and Dodgers need an impact RHB. Dodgers have been too LH heavy for a few years now and what has that gotten them? Nothing when the games really matters the most.

      • If they trade him it would say that. The TJ surgery might be OK now but the Hip thing sounds bad for movement. Lindor makes sense and Seager’s value is still pretty good as he wasn’t too bad last season on offense. Just do it.

        • Nik. Seager is not a good October player, and that’s where it matters the most. But to be fair neither is Bellinger and most of this current roster. if they can get the right return for Seager I am all for it , as Clint Evans is correct in his hypothesis about Seager too.

    • Yes those four can win you the division and they have shown that’s pretty much it. We need players that are superstars. Muncy and Turner came off the scrap and became good players but there not prime time players. I would send Muncy and prospects Tony Gonsolin and Keibert Ruiz for Lindor.

    • Why keep Seager he can’t stop striking out. Yes he hits a home run once in awhile but
      in the clutch he chokes. He tries to swing at such an angle yes if he hits it it goes out but he has no swing patience and refuses to change his swing. All the Dodgers that others shift for should spend all winter hitting to the opposite field, then that would force other teams to play them honest, burn the shift with a few easy doubles and open the power alleys again.

  3. Dustin May Tony Gonsolin Kershaw Buhler and Urias will win more than 15 games each we don’t need Cole. Urias and Buhler will become the the best lefty righty combo since koufax and big D Kenta can close out the games, but we’ll still be short with a stupid general.

    • Playoffs? You fans never consider that. You only think about what they can do for the regular season win total. We need big game pitchers, Cole AND Strasburg are needed, add that to Buehler and Gonsolin and you have the best rotation in baseball hands down

    • I think that during the regular season, that group can do well enough to win 95 and get into the playoffs. The greater question is, are there two or three horses there that we have seen are needed to win the whole thing and knock off a giant? I see one.

      • Clint, to be honest I don’t believe Dodgers will get any of those players these pages have talked about. those ‘horses’ ya hinted at will be on any other team in 2020 NOT named Dodgers

  4. The dodgers have money and the young talent to acquire two pitching arms and a bat or or two bats and an arm. It’s just a matter of Mark Walter and Guggenheim letting Andrew Friedman go get them. Friedman knows that his pass for being cheap is about to pass with the fans. The word depth is starting to run its cource. The fans want everyday ball players not depth players anymore. It’s time for players like Lindor and Betts start wearing dodgers blue instead of part timers like Hernandez, Taylor and even Muncy. Max Muncy should be part of a package to Boston for Betts. Muncy along with Edwin Rios, Ross Stripling, and Alex Verdugo. Should get Mookie. Or let’s get really Serious, Boston takes AJ pullover off are hands and give them Gavin Lux. Getting Pullock off are books would free up a good chunk of money. Then trade Seager and catching prospect Ruiz. And throw in stripling for Lindor. And they still should have plenty of money for Cole.

  5. The Lakers struggled with a similar problem for 6 years thinking youth was the answer and finally moved on a true HOFer in Anthony Davis. They went from non contender to a real shot at bringing a championship home. Like the Lakers the Dodgers are falling into the same trap. The youth look good and highly touted but they aren’t going to get a championship. How many times did we hear Urias was going to be this monster starter? He’s ok but not all that great. Seager is also good but it can be said in the LA press overrated because his defensive metrics are bad and not going to change. The Dodgers need to get real HOF type players on board. If there’s any chance at Betts, Lindor or Cole they do need to just get stupid and do it. You give up a Seager and do the best to unload any of the wannabee starters they have collected in Pollock, Pederson, Kiki, Taylor. Those one hit wonders are taking the team down a notch year after year. It’s bad enough the Dodgers will be stuck with Roberts but come on man! If real HOFERS are available get Stupid like the article Title says.

    • My idea of getting stupid is signing both Cole Strasburg and trading for both Lindor and Betts. No one is saying this but honestly these money hoarders can afford it. They’ve robbed enough money over the years with ridiculous prices, cheap rosters, and tv deal to get this stupid

      • Again, Betts would be only a 1 year rental. Stupid would really be if they unloaded a lot for only 1 year of service with Betts. HE WILL TEST THE FA market for sure and he most likely WOULD NOT be re-signed.

      • What is the benefit for Guggenheim to spend big money and win a championship? They are making all the money they planned for and have no reason to give up more money. It’s business vs. baseball. Guggenheim does not care. Look at the TV deal.

        • Exactly. Guggenheim Investment Group is an investment company NOT a baseball entity. The TV contract money is locked in for a gazillion years. When their management decides they are making an adequate rate of return on their investment and the actual Dodgers team or in person attendance starts to falter they will focus more on the baseball part of the equation to protect their investment.

          • Ken, you’ve got it. The days of an individual billionaire owner who is a die hard fan who wants to win it all and doesn’t care about return on investment are few and far between. Steinbrenner was the last of those dying breeds. The only way us die hard Dodger fans have a snowballs chance of influencing this ownership investment group is to boycott attending games, but sadly I don’t even think it would work.

      • Sure that’s one way as well. Wish they would do that. Killer rotation. The Nationals don’t win the WS without Corbin. I think he was the highest pitching FA last season. Point is here, that they could do something to get a WS win if they want to. They won’t.

        • Nik, interestingly enough this page suggests for it being time for the Dodgers to ‘get stupid’ My response is and I am sure some here might agree is, Roberts and Co. have already done that….

  6. The dodgers have an opportunity to get really really greedy and make a big splash this winter. You make two big trades and two free agent signing. Trade one Seager along Julio Urías, Joc and Stripling to Cleveland for Lindor that should be plenty. Trade number#2 think about this one before u judge it. Two get rid of AJ Polluck contract and save a good chunk of money I would send Gavin Lux and Keibert Ruiz and Edwin Rios to Boston for Mookie Betts. Boston is going to rebuild let’s take advantage of it. If you looked closely at Lux at bats he has the same Seager disease can’t lay-off the curve or slider at his back foot. With these trades the dodgers become a force and not just for a year it could become a dynasty. Too complement these trades they need too sign two free agents. My opinion is Cole and reliever Will Smith or Strasburg and Smith. I know it’s a dream.

    • Oh I think they’ll do something. Enough reading between the lines that they’re considering it.

  7. I think a trade of Josiah gray, jeter downs, munch and maybe kike for hand Lindor and maybe a prospect or Allen. That way u shift turner and Seager lux stays Lindor replaces muncys production upgrade up the middle and then use joc to get a Diaz trade pollock and stripling

  8. I agree with Paul. Betts would be a 1 yr loan and too much would be given up to acquire that. Makes no sense to give up so much for so little in return. I’d say go after Straus and try for Cole and Lindor. With what would be given up for Betts you can find something that pays off longer.

  9. All the Dodgers need is to re-sign Ryu (or another top starter FA and then add a closer. Please Don’t trade Seager.

  10. Three years ago, Kershaw was a HoFer and Cole was a .500 pitcher. Strasburg has had two full seasons in the past six. THINGS CHANGE and and you have to look forward, not back. Our system is what will get us back to the WS. Have you ALREADY forgotten how bad the Alvarez trade was for us??? I take what little solace I can in the fact that Friedman is ignoring this noise.

    • There is not a team with an entire home grown team that has ever won a WS. Think about that a bit. Alvarez was a dumb move but that is all. We didn’t need Fields at the time who had a 10+ ERA. We had just signed an international deal that gave Alvarez 2 million and he was only 17. He was highly regarded and quite a find to say the least. So it isn’t about one bonehead move by Fraudman. It’s about the right move and understanding how good your guys really are. If we had to give up Alvarez for say a Lindor what would you think? Young players do not win WS. Look at the Nationals. Pitching …Corbin, Scherz. May and Tony G are 5 years away from being that good if they ever will be.

  11. Just look at Friedman’s resume. Good enough to build a World Series team..Check… He did it….. But 0-3 is nothing to bring up….We won’t hear anything in the press about his 0-3 record…..It’s time to hold him accountable, and start asking the question of “Why” hasn’t he won? Can blame Roberts all we want, but sabermetrics and analytics Don’t win Championships. Ask Pedro, or any player that knows….Ask Billy Bean…….We need better players period. Players that hit 300, make contact, total bases. We need a shut down #2 and haven’t had one since Greinke. We need a Closer that doesn’t blow 10 saves a year, and blow them in the playoff’s. Then we need a manager that can utilize our talent…A lot of holes to fill if we want to win….It’s not rocket science for anyone to realize this team as contructed is good, but will never be great until we get these holes filled…

  12. You don’t trade Seager, you extend him! 2016 – 2017 Seager was the best offensive shortstop in MLB, and his defense was well above average. He essentially missed 2018, yet statistically his offense in 2019 was right there with Lindor (see Fangraphs WAR, wRC”, and BSR). Writing off Seager when he will not be 26 years old until start of the 2020 season would be a huge mistake. Seager is not the problem with this team!

    • Concur in that what Seager did or did not do in the NLDS was not the real problem with this team, The over all offensive showing (64 K’s in 5 games) along with the management of the pitching staff contributed in a huge way with Dodgers having a quick PS exit.

  13. Bonehead management decisions cost us a trip to the WS, not a lack of players. DR would still likely bring in Kershaw and Kelly to relieve Cole or Strasberg and we’d be in the same boat.

  14. The Dodgers should not trade top players or prospects for 1 year rentals. Instead, they should Keep Seager and use the saved money to sign Rendon and Cole.

  15. rookie pitchers do not win w.s. THEY ARE NOT READY,NEED A LOT MORE TRAINING.

    • Wrong about rookie pitchers. The last two Dodger WS championships featured rookie pitchers: Fernando and Tim Belcher. Both were outstanding.
      Wrong about 1 year players. Gibson basically gave the Dodgers 1 year before injuries. It turned out pretty good.
      Trading Seager and Muncy is foolish.
      Turner is the same height as Muncy.

      I get frustration but check the lunacy.

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