Dodgers Series Win Over Giants Was About More Than Numbers

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Thankfully, my worries were unfounded.


Over the next 18 innings, the Dodgers proved in every way possible that this wasn’t just a heartless roster of all-stars, but a motivated and determined group of them.

First was the embarrassing 17-0 beatdown that they laid on San Francisco Saturday night.

You think 9-0 was tough to endure? Imagine being on the wrong end of a 17-0 game the following night.
Clayton Kershaw
And while many wondered whether the Dodgers had anything left in the tank for Sunday, they did just enough — gutting out a tough 4-2 win behind Kershaw. It was almost like they needed to prove they could win any way they wanted.

We’ll blow you out one night and scrap the next — take your pick.

This team had every reason to pack it in on Saturday and Sunday — they had been embarrassed in the biggest game of the season.

But they didn’t.

Instead, they did just the opposite — they found a fire they’ve been lacking for much of the season and harnessed it to earn the two biggest wins of their season.

So yeah, a three-game division lead is nice, but that doesn’t get you much once the playoffs start.

That whole fire and determination thing? Slightly more helpful.
Clayton Kershaw A Cy Young And MVP Candidate?

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