Dodgers: Should Cody Bellinger Get Starting CF Spot Back Over Gavin Lux?

It seems rather obvious at this point that the Dodgers not only love beating the Padres, but they love doing it in dramatic fashion. From the 4 + 1 comeback in ’06, the team no-hitter in ’18, Chris Taylor’s throw to end the game in ’20, Bellinger’s robbery of Fernando Tatis Jr. in the ’20 NLDS, and the list goes on and on. Well, we now have a new addition to the pantheon of memorable victories against San Diego after the Dodgers erased a four-run deficit late thanks to 5 home runs, 4 coming in the eighth inning. We discuss the Dodgers’ latest epic win over San Diego and how the relentlessness the team played with last night is a sign that the club has flipped the proverbial postseason switch.

Gavin Lux exited the game in the 6th inning yesterday after crashing hard into the wall in center field. We discuss the latest news on Gavin Lux’s injury and discuss when we could see him back on the field. Next, considering his lack of experience playing the position at the Big League level, should the Dodgers reconsider playing Lux over Bellinger in centerfield. Plus, has Bellinger turned the corner after a fresh haircut and his first home run since August 11th?


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  1. No! I thought Cody HAD made adjustments because his HR swing the previous game showed he was keeping his head fairly still. BUTT yesterday he was dropping it alot again and his one hit was off a meatball pitch and was lucky for him. These games are now becoming way too important and we need more than Cody looks like he will deliver. If he does play I hope I am wrong.

  2. If Lux is fully recovered, then he should play CF, not Bellinger and not Taylor. CT3 has lost his ability to hit, having become a strikeout machine, and Belli is still unproven. Lux has got the hot hand hitting wise and this should be taken advantage of. Both Belli and Ct3 should be used defensively in late innings, and as pinch hitters for pitchers.

  3. Center field is too much for Lux. The expanse of territory requires an experienced, skilled player and especially now, not one who is learning the field. I’d move Mookie to center and put Lux in right. That would shorten up the field for him and allow Mookie to cover for him where balls are hit to right-center.

  4. Bellinger should not be on the post season roster. He has appeared in 11 post seasons series and his lifetime average is .189. This includes the 3 World Series he appeared in and has a .121 average for the WS, and don’t forget the 17 strike outs in the 2017 WS.W We can win the WS without him.

    • These are telling statistics, Robert. Sadly, the numbers are likely to go down this year based on Aug-Sep sub-.100 average. I think Roberts finally gets this. Let’s hope we get past STL and find out!