Dodgers Sign Japanese Pitcher Yujo Kitagata

The Dodgers have reportedly reached a minor league agreement with Yujo Kitagata of the Independent Challenge Baseball League in Japan.

Kitagata, 25, is a right-handed pitcher who, according to reports, can reach 99 miles per hour with his fastball. He is best utilized as a reliever according to the scouting reports and many expect him to work his way to the big leagues in quick fashion.

Yujo Kitagata sounded off on his signing with the Dodgers here:

“I wanted to play baseball at the top level so I was happy to get the invitation. I want to prepare well so I don’t have any regrets.”

It sounds like Kitagata is ready to show what he has to the Dodgers organization. It will be interesting to see what level he begins his journey at considering he is a bit to old to be a prospect — he is already 25 years of age.

Kitagata has a lean frame for all the velocity he possesses as he checks in at 6 feet tall and 200 pounds.

It will be interesting to see if Kitagata could work his way into the bullpen mix in the coming months as all early indications point favorably in his direction.

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    • How is that obvious? They spent big on Joe Kelly. You mean this signing tell you the Dodgers won’t add other arms to the bullpen? Wrong. The Bullpen will change by trade most likely.

  1. Great story and detail towards another addition to the Dodgers minor league. Who do you think will be next to come up from the minor leagues to be called up? I think the Dodgers need to bring up two pitchers for the bullpen, but they need experience. As being Active duty, I don’t get a whole alot of time seeing a Dodger game or AA or AAA.