Dodgers Social Media: What Would Your Uniform Number Be?

It’s a simple, yet fun question.

With the Dodgers honoring Fernando Valenzuela by inducting him into the “Legends of Dodger Baseball” on Saturday, but not officially retiring his iconic number 34 — although it was recently retired in Mexico — it brought up the greater concept of something fun…

It’s something many of us have envisioned for fun: Taking the field for the Los Angeles Dodgers. But more important is the true linchpin of a player’s identity: the uniform number. Thus begging the question, if you played for the Dodgers, what would your number be and why?

Some would opt for a personally preferred digit.

Others would tribute a favorite player:

Birthday or birth year is always a popular choice:

Given some Dodger legends haven’t had their numbers retired yet, they’re still up for grabs:

How about you? If you had the honor of playing for the Dodgers, what would your number be? Let us know in the comments?

Written by Marshall Garvey


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  1. As a Dodger fan since 1953, I will choose my favorite player of that era and beyond : #19, proudly worn by Jim Gilliam. The fact that the Gilliam family resided in Rahway, NJ, and I was living in Elizabeth, NJ has nothing to do with my choice. Yeah, right!!!! A fantastic player!!!!! A great Dodger!!!! Go Blue!!!!

  2. At 70 years old, I have long ago been relegated to and am still playing softball; and since my Babe Ruth League days my uniform number has always been #4 to honor my favorite player and Dodgers legend Duke Snider. Even my personalized Dodgers jersey sports the #4 to honors the Duke of Flatbush.

  3. Mine would be #4….. Duke Snider was my hero since I began bleeding Dodger blue in 1952.

  4. Oh, and while I’m at it why hasn’t Gil Hodges had his #14 retired…..AND why is he still not in the HOF? I just don’t understand.

  5. I’m with you on both counts. Gil Hodges should be in the HOF and at the very least, the Dodgers should have retired #14 years ago! It’s a done deal now, but if Jim Gilliam’s #19 has been retired, #14 should be also. I also don’t understand the hesitation in retiring #34 for Fernando or even Orel’s #55.

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