Dodgers: Stan Kasten Fears This Shutdown is Worse Than the Player’s Strike

The Dodgers’ team President knows this shutdown is worse than the 1994-1995 player’s strike.

The suspension that MLB is currently facing might be one of the worst financial impacts in baseball history, perhaps aside from the World Wars. The Dodgers team president Stan Kasten would know, of all people. Kasten was the team President of the Atlanta Braves during the player’s strike of the mid-nineties.

The Dodgers’ executive made an appearance on the Petros and Money Show to discuss a few things that the team was doing. Kasten also made sure to note that this MLB suspension is far and away worse than the player’s strike eh faced nearly 30 years ago. 

The worst thing I ever went through in my professional career was I was on the negotiating team during the ’94 strike. That was awful, that canceled two months of the season and we lost the World Series. I remember how sickening it was. Every day was sickening. That is nothing compared to what we’re going through now. This is truly unimaginable.

The player’s strike that started August 12th of 1994 canceled the postseason, including the World Series for the first time since 1904. The strike lasted for 232 days, which made it the longest stoppage in Major League Baseball history. The Dodgers were on track to make the playoffs in 1994 with a 58-56 record, but Kasten’s Braves were crushing the league. They were twenty-two games above 500 and destined for a World Series run before the shutdown.

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If Kasten lived through that and still believes this COVID-19 shutdown is worse, that cannot be good. The Dodgers had not yet got the chance to see what their team is capable of, but they certainly stand to lose a lot from a shutdown. If the season were to be called off altogether, Los Angeles would really be missing out. The team would lose out on Mookie Betts without him ever even playing a meaningful game. 

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Written by Brook Smith

Brook is the Senior Editor of Dodgers Nation, with several years of experience in sports journalism. He is an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan, and can be spotted fairly often at Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.


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  1. pssssst, hey Stan….just think of how bad next season will be if you keep pushing to open things back up too soon.

    Hint, there won’t be anyone wanting to be in a huge crowd, or small grouping , if ya all bring this crap back in a few months

    Guess it will be $40-$50 parking and $15 hot dogs

    • Our second wave this winter will be more brutal than in other countries because we got states that are going to open up way too prematurely because their sole concern is money and not human lives. This will just prolong things even further and possibly wipe out close to 2 seasons of sports

      • Thank you for your expertise doctor. I am so glad you are qualified to tell us what lies ahead later this year in relation to the coronavirus.

        • The difference between me and you is I listen to real health experts and you listen to [filtered]. Nice try sarcastically calling me a doctor though LOL

        • The difference between me and you is I listen to real health experts and you listen to Dr. Drumpf. Nice try sarcastically calling me a doctor though. LOL

  2. Yep. I finally made the call to ATT Directv and canceled my MLB subscription before they hit me for another 31 bucks. It ain’t happening folks. Float right on through to football season and watch that go by the wayside if, and more than likely when, this monster re-emerges in the fall.

  3. Stan Kasten should focus his Fears on keep his job after the aweful Bets trade prior to the Shutdown

  4. I did read it that the second wave was going to be worse than the first via CDC. So I think it would be the worst decision to open up anything to have to close it again. The season is already gone, too many players have already stated they would not play in a quarantined environment.
    The Betts trade will end up to be awful one way or another, which makes you wonder why in the world would anyone agree to this time of service part of the bargaining agreement? No games equals a years service is the most absurd thing that I have ever heard of especially that owners agreed. If this is indeed the case than I have no sympathy for any party involved, stop overpaying for players and renting them for a season. The fans end up being the ones who ultimately pay the price via salaries and the prices that are going to be raised due to the loss of this season.

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