Dodgers Still Somehow Favored to Win the 2021 World Series

The Dodgers are entering their final stretch of games today. With the bulk of the season behind them, they have just 6 more games before they can get into postseason baseball. But those final 6 games are HUGE for their immediate future. 

Entering play on Tuesday, the Dodgers are chasing the Giants by 2 games in the NL West. That means that San Francisco would have to lose at least 2 games this week and Los Angeles would have to win out in order to force a game 163. 

Despite all of that, the Dodgers still have the Vegas odds in their favor. The latest update from BetMGM has them at +300 to win the World Series, making them the favorites to take home with Commissioner’s  Trophy in 2021. 

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That’s pretty wild to think considering they will likely need to go through the Wild Card Game to get there. If the Dodgers are able to slip past the Cardinals in that one-game playoff, they would then have to beat the best team in baseball in a 5-game series. 

Regardless, the Vegas odds like what they see from the Dodgers. And what’s not to like? Having guys like Max Scherzer pitching in a do-or-die game is always going to play in their favor. It’s a tough uphill battle, but if any team in baseball can do it, it’s this one. 

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  1. 2021 World Series is a stretch as they face wainwright and St. Louis and if win then giants
    Hitting not consistent enough and some pitchers have tired arms
    But we will see

  2. There are three reasons we’re favored: Sherzer, Buehler, and Urias (or Kershaw with Julio as backup). No team can match that lineup. We fans are frustrated by the subpar seasons of Belli, Mookie, Muncie, JT, and (lately) CT, but our star-studded lineup and solid bullpen is enough to win 100+ games despite slumps, injuries, and the Bauer mess. It’s likely going to come down to hitting Wainwright’s curve or the STL bullpen once he leaves the game.

  3. Yeah it’s not happening. We’re gonna have to deal with the fact that the red turds and Frisco are going to face each other in the playoffs just like in the days when they were winning championships and St Louis was eliminating us

    • I feel the Dodgers are still good enough with Scherzer to beat St Louis. The Dodgers could have easily swept them in Sep but DRRRRRRRR Dave decided to give them 4 automatic outs in 2 games. The vagiants and their Steroid Proud org will send DRRRRRRRRR’s and his no bunt, sac fly, no hit —-Vacation eager team home to enjoy the couches………

      • Kirk, from what I saw from the offense in that AZ series, I just can’t see Dodgers getting past a very hot Cardinal team It won’t be any fault of Scherzer’s but it will be from an offense that won’t show up AND Roberts will do everything possible to have Bellinger in the lineup fir that WC game. IIWII.

  4. Despite the fact that St. Louis is playing like they really want it all, I agree that the Dodgers still have a chance against the Cards. As for the Giants… come on….do you really think that steroid use has something to do with their amazing regular season? Is it illogical for us to believe that every single Giants’ veteran player has experienced sudden, synchronous, power hitting and throughout the entire regular season? I mean can’t one attribute this amazing Giants’ season to…Zaidi…Kapler…clubhouse rapport…hard work during Covid…hitting coaches…healthy diet….coincidence….chanting…or magic?

    • Yes I honestly believe the Vagiants don’t mind the juicers and they supported the KING of all Juicers BONDS…Pagan, Pentz and a few more were jacked up. Eyes popping out of their heads. thyroid enhanced users. you never saw the team once stand or even mention roids when the entire baseball world knew that when your 38 years old, you just don’t hit 75 home runs.. That is ludicrous and inhuman…

  5. Not buying it. The Ds have the horses, but they just don’t play with the toughness needed to go though a playoff run. Last year you could sense they could go all the way, as they were relentless all year. Never had a losing streak. Won every series but one, I believe. They would get a lead in a game, and keep piling it on. This year they get a lead and then sit back and depend on the pitchers to make it hold up. They are just not consistent and tough enough. I predict the Cardinals to lose in 4 to the Giants, and the Giants to take it all.

  6. Things change a bit if Muncy is out – DR then has difficult decision who should start at first base : Beaty (best bat but weakest defender) Bellinger (worst bat but by far the best defender) or Pujols (average defender who can get you a hit but who also is one of the slowest runners and therefore one of the highest risks in all of baseball for hitting into double play)