Dodgers Strongly Advise Yasiel Puig Against Helicopter Purchase

We all know that one of the first superstars Yasiel Puig met with when he arrived in Los Angeles was Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant. That meeting must have been very influential as Yasiel walked away with the idea of beating LA Traffic via helicopter.

A few months ago, Yasiel showed a clip of him flying over Downtown LA in a chopper:

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Yasiel has definitely been trying to figure out ways to wash away his reputation of being late and he’s been doing a great job this season, so this helicopter idea really comes from a good place, right?

Now, is reporting that the Dodgers are strongly advising him to not make the purchase. First, it’s illegal to fly a helicopter into Dodger Stadium and second, the team doesn’t the distraction.

It’s hard to be like Kobe. Let’s trying winning 5 championships first before getting special LA privileges.

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