Dodgers: Take a Throwback Tour of Joc Pederson’s House

The awesomeness is outrageous.

In 2016, Joc Pederson welcomed MLB into his home for MTV-esqe tour, Cribs style. When he’s not cranking home runs at Dodger Stadium, the outfielder — then centerfielder — spends time at his humble abode that features a pool, a much smaller collection of sneakers than he has now, and *checks notes* and elevator.

Check out the Coldwell Banker home field advantage.

The now not-as-yung Joc made his MLB debut in 2014 and by this date in 2016 had a beautiful place in LA county where the “awesomeness is outrageous”. Pederson even goes as far as to take us to the bedroom where we see his proud collection of sneakers.

The visit features a visit with his brother Champ and a short cameo from Dodgers teammate Ross Stripling — long before they were almost traded to the Anaheim Angels.

After earning a $7.75M contract through arbitration for the 2020 season — if it ever happens — no doubt the now 27-year-old can afford even more sneakers, more elevators, and possibly even a PS4 controller that works.

Kidding aside, this is a cool throwback and we appreciate Joc for sharing a tour of his house for Dodger fans.

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