Dodgers: Team Playing it Safe With Fires and Air Quality Up North

The Dodgers are headed to San Francisco for a series against the Giants, but it’s off of the field issues that has the team worried. Fires have torn their way through the northern part of California, and many are still raging. 

The Dodgers playing in the poor air quality of San Francisco is one of the biggest concerns at this point. Dave Roberts addressed those concerns in a press conference this week, and the efforts the team is taking to keep players healthy.

For all of us, just following the lead of people that know more than we do. Hopefully, safety should be at the forefront,. I have read and heard about it…I know one of the days we’re going to try to stay off the field as much as possible but you’re still going to play a three-hour baseball game. We’re going to continue to move forward business as usual unless we hear otherwise.

The Dodgers will be up in the Bay Area for three games before heading out to Texas. Johnny Cueto is set to get the ball against Los Angeles tonight against Julio Urias. The Giants are fourth in the NL West but are also in the middle of a six-game winning streak.

The Dodgers also find themselves on somewhat of a hot streak. Since dropping two to San Diego, they have won 11 of 12 games. They also find themselves four games up in the West ahead of the streaking Padres. 


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  1. Because all that matters is to get to the playoffs as every team has a 3 game playoff its more important to get everyone playing well and not health compromised. If the air is bad they should cancel the games as there isn’t going to be a crowd its simple to do.

    I have a daughter and Niece both in the Bay Area one of them is in the City itself. They are telling me the air is dangerous as it has a high particulate count. She is an RN at a hospital in the City.

    With COVID continuing to be around no one needs a compromised breathing system.