Dodgers: That Time Justin Turner Got Tossed For Waving At An Umpire

For those of you that don’t follow popular internet sensation Jomboy on YouTube, let me start by saying that you need to. I would also like to remind you for those that do watch, that Jomboy does use some expletives in his videos whenever players do. With that being said, let’s take a look back at when the Dodgers’ Justin Turner got tossed for waving at an umpire. 

The date was June 21 back in 2019 when the Dodgers were taking on the Rockies at Dodger Stadium. Los Angeles was up 11 games in the National League West with no real competition in sight. The only thing not working in their favor that night was home plate umpire, Chad Fairchild. 

In the fourth inning of a tied game, Justin Turner came to the plate and saw a few pretty poorly called strikes. The Dodgers’ infielder eventually grounded out but was vocal from the dugout a few batters later. Turner yelled out to the umpire, who in turn yelled back at him to stop, and that’s when JT waved at him. 

Fairchild obviously wasn’t a fan of the wave, and JT was gone. Jomboy points out that while the wave was certainly instigating, it probably wasn’t enough to justify taking his bat out of the Dodgers’ lineup. Still, looking back to see a player get tossed for waving at an umpire is hilarious. The Dodgers went on to win that game 4-2

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