Dodgers: The Five Best Moments From a Very Successful August

Here are the top 5 moments from your Dodgers in August.

The Dodgers went 21-7 in the month of August, giving them a decent lead in the NL West and putting up a +71 run differential in the process. There were plenty of highlights, including a record-breaking performance for the month. Let’s jump into our top moments from the month of August for Los Angeles. 

#5: Dodgers Sweep the Angels in Anaheim

Generally, sweeping a team that’s struggling as badly as the Angels are wouldn’t be considered so much of a victory. But the Dodgers have really struggled to get the job done against the Angels over the years, especially in Anaheim. But the boys came into town and swept Anthony Rendon’s team with relative ease, which was just the cherry on top of the whole thing. 

#4: LA Beats up on Lance Lynn Before the Deadline

Nothing quite like hurting someone’s trade value right before MLB’s trade deadline. That’s probably what the Dodgers did facing off against Lance Lynn and the Rangers two days before moves have to be completed. Los Angeles put up 4 runs on Lynn, the most he’s allowed all season, including a blast from Cody Bellinger. As it turns out, Lynn ended up staying put in Texas and was not traded away. Was it because of us? Maybe. 

#3 Dodgers Sit Out a Game in Protest

Say what you will about a team choosing to sit out a game in protest, but what the Dodgers did on August 26th should at the very least show a sign of unity for you. The team came together and rallied behind Mookie Betts in his decision to not play following the shooting in Kenosha. The team leaders came together with Dave Roberts to talk about why they chose to sit out, and I think you should give it a listen.

#2: Chris Taylor’s Throw Ends the Game

This game already seems like a lifetime ago, but how could we possibly forget Chris Taylor’s game-ending throw. With the Padres rallying in the 9th, Manny Machado came up with a chance to tie the game. Machado lined out to left and Trent Grisham tried to tag up and tie the game. What followed was one of the most unbelievable throws you will ever see from Chris Taylor, and the first time the 2020 season felt like real baseball.


#1: Dodgers Break the Homerun Record

And finally, the record-breaking homerun performance by the Dodgers won’t soon be forgotten in the history books. Los Angeles crushed 57 homeruns in the month of Agust, the most by any team in a single month in MLB history. Here are all 57 homeruns by the Dodgers, enjoy. 

Overall, not a bad start to the season. The Dodgers have just 20 games remaining in the season following last night’s game against the Rockies. 

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  1. They can’t be counting these achievements as MLB records. The pitchers always start off slower than most everyday hitters do. This year they had an abrupt spring training. So the pitchers are farther behind than usual. In a regular season, this would be the month of May. Plus there are some really good players who aren’t here because of the covid-19. It’s nice to see our Dodgers doing well,but they can’t call them records for the month of August.