Dodgers: The Worst Free Agent Signings of All Time For LA

The Dodgers are very good at what they do under new ownership. With Andrew Friedman leading the charge, this new group has designed a well-oiled machine that can win championships and maintain a strong future team. It’s incredible. 

But it hasn’t always been this way for the Dodgers. Fans in Los Angeles certainly remember the sad days of winning as few as 71 games in the early 2000s, or the early playoff exits and droughts that they had to endure. 

You might be old enough to remember the Darryl Strawberry signing, which went for a whopping five-year $22.25 million. That ended up being a rough one as Strawberry had one decent year in Los Angeles. 

So what do you think will go down as one of the worst free-agent signings for the Dodgers? Drop into the comments and let us know what you think! 

And while we certainly hope this isn’t the case, are there any current contracts on the books that you think will be a flop? Also let us know in the comments! 

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  1. I am sure Freidman would like a do over on the Bauer signing. Probably going to turn out to be the worst ever for the Dodgers.

    Of course the Jason Schit signing will always rate very high on the list. I would add: Scott Kazmir, 3/$48M as being just as bad as the Schmidt deal. Brandon McCarthy at 4/$48, Manny Ramirez at 2/$45, and Andrew Jones at 2/$36 are all right up there in FA signing blunders

    • I don’t think you can count it as a ‘blunder’ if the player turns out to be injured. That’s not a mistake, just bad luck. I can’t remember all the details of everyone mentioned, but certainly Andruw Jones is one of the worst for someone who was able to play

  2. Reddick does deserve some mention. His mouth spoke louder than his bat. Several mentioned earlier were just bad signings but Reddick added insult to injury by being a big mouth off

    • Totally agree. We let Mike Piazza go, a HOF catcher who went to the hall as a Met. Should have locked him down for life, but no, we have to overpay for a guy that plays every 5th game, instead of a guy that hit 300 and 30 homers a year and could win any game with a swing of his bat.

  3. Easy: Trevor Bauer – huge salary, played half a season, couldn’t pitch without sticky on his hands, and will never pitch for the Dodgers again. Easily cost us ten games just by eating up the salary for the back end of the season so we couldn’t get another elite starter.