Dodgers To Determine Plan For Chris Heisey, Outfield

Chris Heisey

One of the stranger moves this winter by the Los Angeles Dodgers and their new front office came when they acquired another outfielder to add to an already crowded position.

The Dodgers traded Minor-League pitcher Matt Magill to the Cincinnati Reds for outfielder Chris Heisey. It was a puzzling move at the time because of the fact that the team already had five capable outfielders and prospect Joc Pederson waiting in the wings. The issue was partially alleviated when the Dodgers traded Matt Kemp to the San Diego Padres, but the team still has a surplus at the position.

According to Mark Saxon of ESPN LA, the Dodgers have had conversations with their new outfielder:

After the trade, Heisey had a conversation with Dodgers’ executive Josh Byrnes, who told him, “It might not look like it, but we have a plan.”

With Yasiel Puig cemented in right field and Carl Crawford likely to start in left field, it would appear that Heisey would have a shot to start in center field; however, it is more likely that he will come off the bench.

Manager Don Mattingly plans to use the spring to determine what will happen in the outfield:

We’ll have a chance to look at him all through camp. The combination of guys and who ends up being here, that’s all up in the air,” Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said. “He’s definitely an interesting guy from the way he swings the bat and we have great reports about his makeup and everything else.”

Heisey is just a career .247 hitter, but has a slugging percentage of .422 over his five-year career. He hit 18 home runs back in 2011, and is an above-average outfielder on defense.

The 30-year-old will begin his audition next week and the Dodgers will see what they will be working with this season.

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