Dodgers to Wear Their City Connect Jerseys Tonight Against the Giants

The Dodgers and Giants will play today to decide who leads the NL West. With a game one by both sides over the weekend, Sunday evening’s game should be a pretty fun one. 

Walker Buehler will take the mound for the Dodgers facing off agains…someone. The Giants have had to scramble recently and have yet to officially name a starter.

The Dodgers will also be wearing their City Connect jerseys to take on the Giants. They debuted the special Nike jerseys earlier last month against the Mets. 

The jerseys are all blue and feature special black trim on the sleeves. Originally sort of hated online by Dodgers fans, the City Connect jerseys have become much more popular as of late. 

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Written by Brook Smith

Brook is the Senior Editor of Dodgers Nation, with several years of experience in sports journalism. He is an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan, and can be spotted fairly often at Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.


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  1. I get that it’s a money grab thing, but the only unis worse that the “city connect” ones were those horrible all-white ones for players weekend two years ago.

  2. These unis are awful, especially when team loses. They look like pajamas and the hat looks like they bought them at a gas station.

  3. These uniforms make the white baseball more visible, when viewed from home plate. Think about it. What would you prefer as a hitters background? A dark blue solid uniform, or a white or off-white uniform that blends in with the white baseball? This is just plain stupid, and it puts the LAD’s at a serious disadvantage, when the Giants are in all white. Other sports figured this out years ago, i.e., racquetball and table tennis, and have rules on what is permissible in uni’s. Have the Dodgers ever won a game when they wore these uniforms? While the Dodgers struggled to pick up the ball yesterday, the Giants were seeing much better. Both Muncy and Turner could be seen saying, or seeming to say, ‘I can’t see it………..or, I can’t pick it up, etc. The ball is white, or mostly white, and if you want to see it better, just get your opponent to put on a solid dark uniform. Who makes the decision on what uniforms they wear?

  4. Why do they have to wear these pajama uniforms ? Who makes this decision? In Jonnie’s K’s post the question is also raised whether this all blue uniform on the Dodger pitcher could also present a better background for some off the opposing hitters – can you imagine the Yankees doing something like this ?!!!?

  5. Well, we all know how that experiment ended.
    We all know what these rags are for….. Merchandising. To connect with those fools who sit in the pavilions and cheaper seats and cause a ruckus at games.
    Burn them.

  6. The most important regular season game all year, and they dress the team in these goofy suits. From Buehler’s first pitch you could feel that things weren’t right. The players can’t say a word, and management may tell you professionals rise above it, but it was not right.

  7. “the City Connect jerseys have become much more popular as of late.”
    And what evidence supports this self-serving assertion? That some people bought them? To dress the team like this for the biggest game of the year reduces confidence in upper management.

  8. Really fu*&ing ugly. Why the hell make a change mid year? These look like blue weenies running around. Maybe that is why they are playing that way. Swing that bat like you own the pitcher. Pussy fukkin swinging and whiffs for sure.
    Also, thanks to the homer umpire on those two calleds strikes on Betts last night in sf. what shit calls.

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