Dodgers: Tommy Kahnle’s Hilarious Response to a Troll in His Twitch Stream

One fan said the Yankees would beat Kahnle in the World Series. He wasn’t having it.

Tommy Kahnle hasn’t even thrown a warm-up toss for the Dodgers and he’s already becoming a fan favorite. Known for his exuberant personality and hilarious interviews while with the Yankees, Kahnle has started to make fans in Los Angeles. via Twitch.

The 31-year-old reliever goes live on his Twitch to play video games during the offseason. Fans who would like to subscribe to watch can do so here. On Kahnle’s latest stream, there were a few really funny interactions with Dodgers and Yankees fans. 

When asked who would win the World Series, Kahnle understandably stuck with his squad and said the Dodgers. That led to a Yankees fan telling him that Giancarlo Stanton was going to take him deep in Game 7 of the World Series to win it all. Kahnle’s response was priceless.

Yeah Joe, I don’t see that happening. Change-up, Change-up, Change-up, strikeout, I win and I give suck it to the whole entire stadium. That’s probably what would happen. So, that’s where we would be at. 

The idea of Kahnle taunting Yankees fans in Yankee Stadium while with the Dodgers is pure gold. Unfortunately, the likelihood of that happening during the 2021 season seems low. Kahnle is still recovering from Tommy John surgery he had during the 2020 season. 

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Kahnle also said during that stream that Dodgers fans shouldn’t count him out entirely in 2021. The typical recovery period for a pitcher undergoing the surgery is between 12 and 15 months. That would put Kahnle’s return somewhere around August to November. Don’t count him out entirely, but certainly don’t expect much this year. 

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