Dodgers: Tony La Russa Hoping Albert Pujols Comes Back in 2022 With the Cardinals

Dodgers’ first baseman makes his return to Busch Stadium once again tonight. While he was not in the lineup on Monday in game 1, the longtime Cardinals legend is expected to get the start with Los Angeles today. 

Naturally, Pujols’ return to St Louis is the big storyline this week. It’s not the first time that he’s been back, but the Dodgers in town with the future Hall of Famer is certainly some fans that way are excited about. 

Former Cardinals manager and current White Sox manager Tony La Russa is excited about his return too. In fact, La Russa wants Albert to return in 2022 and play another season, just not with the Dodgers.  

Pujols played for 11 years with the Cardinals and set himself up for a massive contract in free agency. Things didn’t quite work out with the Angels, and he was eventually released earlier this season. That’s when the Dodgers stepped in and scooped him up. 

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La Russa managed Pujols for his entire Cardinals career, so he knows what he means to the city of St Louis. But Dodgers fans also know that in LA, Pujols has found a new life in his career. Will there be room for him on the roster in 2022? Maybe. But fans certainly love him here too. 

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Written by Brook Smith

Brook is the Senior Editor of Dodgers Nation, with several years of experience in sports journalism. He is an avid Dodgers and Lakers fan, and can be spotted fairly often at Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.


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  1. He should play until he passes Ruth. He’s already not going to get his career .300 avg back so there’s nothing to lose. He could get to 715 in early 2023 and retire

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