Dodgers Trade Deadline See Braves Acquire Shane Greene from Tigers

That’s another reliever off the board.

The Dodgers look like they’re pulling a move from the Lakers play book and waiting to see if they can convince the Pirates to trade Felipe Vazquez to Los Angeles.

All the while, the other contenders are making their moves, which include the Atlanta Braves acquiring Shane Green from the Detroit Tigers according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.

Greene was a rumored backup plan for the Dodgers, but waiting until the last minute, all these backup plans might be gone with every team fighting for a playoff spot, which means improving their bullpen.

The only relievers left out there most fans are looking at are possibly Will Smith of the Giants, Edwin Diaz of the Mets, Raisel Iglesias of the Reds and Mychal Givens of Baltimore.

Only a few more minutes to find out.

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  1. Well maybe these guys just need to get it done themselves they are more than talented enough. Sack up or lose again

  2. If Dodgers bullpen fails in the playoffs this year, I am all in for getting rid of Friedman.
    the window is now, not 3 years. Its been over 30 years for christ sake. If we had won in the last decade then yes, play the conservative approach with your trade pieces.
    We were rumored in everything and thats just what it was. Only a rumor. Kicking the tires. Trying to get something for nothing. Keep our future so we can win our division the next 10 years. Try to get a reclamation project or cheap fix and hope it miraculously works out (Morrow, Fields, Cingrani, etc).
    Houston gets Greinke and Atlanta gets Greene, the one rumored to be LA as the frontrunner.
    Get a GM that has some balls please. This formula is only good for division banners.

    • This is straight from ownership. It’s all greed, they want to milk as many division titles as possible for profit, if they happen to win a World Series then great but if not they don’t care. They aren’t about championships. These over abundance of prospects they want to keep are their ticket to making the playoffs forever and that’s all they care about

  3. Somebody should call Andrew Friedman on his cellphone to see if he picks up. It appears as if he lost his phone in the couch cushions with the ringer turned off.

    Hey Andrew, next year try and keep it recharged and in your pocket!

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