Dodgers Trade Leverage Change with Diekman Trade to Athletics

What kind of affect do these have in negotiations?

The Dodgers are trying to win a World Series and with the trade deadline just 3 days away, almost every fan knows that the Dodgers need to address their bullpen situation. From a slow Joe Kelly start to injury issues like Scott Alexander to “turbulence” issues with Kenley Jansen, all of baseball knows that the Dodgers will need to make a significant trade to give themselves the chance in October and November.

With so many teams in a race for the Wild Card spots, there really aren’t that many sellers as in previous seasons, so the only relief pitchers left are:

  • Pirates – Felipe Vazquez
  • Tigers – Shane Greene
  • Giants – Will Smith
  • Blue Jays – Ken Giles

Obviously, Vazquez is the top prize here being a lefty reliever, 28 years old and only on the second year of a 4 year extension he signed with Pittsburgh. He is under team control with $5.75M owed next year, $7.75M the following year and then $10M for the next two years.

Before Jake Diekman was traded to the Athletics, the Pirates were requesting 2 of the Dodgers top 4 prospects:

  • Gavin Lux
  • Keibert Ruiz
  • Dustin May
  • Will Smith

Most fans and league sources balked at the idea of the Dodgers trading away two quality prospects for Vazquez, but now with a major off the table for the Dodgers in Diekman, the Dodgers may have to reconsider the costs if they truly want to make a run at the World Series.

The way Lux has been killing it in Triple A and Will Smith breaking a Dodgers Catcher record just yesterday, those two are definitely off the table.

With the basics of supply and demand, the Pirates are in a position to just sit and let the deadline pass as they can do this whole thing again next year when contenders are looking for a lock down closer.

I’m sure the Pirates prefer to pick off prospects from the Dodgers amazing farm system, so this will turn into a game of chicken soon to see if anyone flinches.

Does this trade happen? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. Think the dodgers need to go after the combo of Matt Boyd and Shane Greene or stroman and Giles if they’re going to give up all that caliber of prospects

  2. No reliever is worth two of our top four prospects. Maybe Ruiz, a current roster player or two, or a couple more lower prospects.

    • Concur, because even if it was Vasquez, he won’t guarantee a WS ring anyway. Dodgers must get back to putting the ball in play again, as I have seen a big increase in strike outs and the defense has been suspect at best lately. But I doubt seriously that they will have Joc at 1st when the PS rolls around because defense there and everywhere else is mandatory during the PS.

  3. Can’t see us sending Lux or May. Ruiz is a solid option with Smith now off the table. But I still think Beaty is a Trump card for us. I would offer Ruiz and Gonsolin and if they say nah — say what about Beaty? By himself?

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