Dodgers: Trea Turner Comments On His Upcoming Free Agency

When the Dodgers traded for Max Scherzer and Trea Turner last offseason, getting the star shortstop was a surprise. After all, they were pretty set there at the position with Corey Seager, and many hoped that he would sign a long-term deal to stick around. 

But as we all know, Corey did not stick around. He signed a massive deal with the Rangers to become their shortstop for the foreseeable future. So the natural assumption was that the Dodgers would then sign Turner to an extension to keep him around. 

But here we are, a few months into the season, and Trea Turner does not have a deal. The Dodgers shortstop spoke about the potential of free agency last night in Washington, and it sounds like he’s excited about that opportunity. (quotes via OC Register)

“I think me being in control is going to be the difference. The first six, seven, eight years of your career, you’re not in control. I’ve been traded twice now and the first time caught me off guard as well. … But just having more control and I guess more of the decision is on my shoulders, my family’s shoulders and do what’s best for us. Whatever that is, that is.” 

It’s a weird balance of ominous as well as using the company lines for Turner. This will be his first chance to chase big money, and the Dodgers do have the deep pockets to pay him. But at this point, there’s no telling if that is in their plans. 

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The problem is that the Dodgers do not have a natural replacement for him at shortstop in their system. There are guys that could be there down the line, but not in 2023. If they do not sign him to an extension, it seems very likely they would look to the market to fill in that gap. But there is still time to get things figured out. 

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      • There’s never been a player who said they didn’t want to play for Roberts, you are projecting. 5th highest winning % in BASEBALL HISTORY, Dodgers under his management consistently score the most runs, give up the least, most players want to play for the Dodgers but there is only so much money and spots on the roster, so Dodgers get the best players, and the rest have to settle for somewhere else. Pets? Are you kidding me? Roberts supports his players, which is why he is known as a players manager. He’s stayed with Jansen, Lux, Bellinger, Muncy, and others when short sighted fans are ready to send them out, and has usually been rewarded when those players came out of periods of slumps.

  1. Nah, he’s said he wants to play on the East Coast which is where his real home is. He has shown no interest in signing an extension. I’m ready to bring up Jacob Amaya for a look/see in September. He’s killing it in AA and could make the fit they’re looking for.